Water wise: Sub-surface irrigation, what’s that?

netafim%20pic.gifProper watering methods are seldom practiced by most gardeners who either under or over water when irrigating. For us who have no water sense there is a product out there that makes watering efficient and more importantly, easy!! The product is Netafim dripperline and its duties lie under the soil not above. In short, Netafim is the king of sub-surface irrigation which sounds more complex than it really is. The flow rates through the tubing vary from 0.6-0.9 GPH (gallons per hour) released through one-way drippers spaced 12″ apart and buried 4-6″ deep beneath the ground’s surface. Netafim drip/micro products support sensible water use by using virtually every drop of water. This translates to Netafim products receiving an exemption when other forms of outdoor watering are being restricted or banned. I have personally used Netafim with raving success, you never even know when it’s watering and the results are truly rewarding.
1- A “green” yet water-saving landscape via smart water delivery.
2- Netafim Dripperline delivers a slow, steady application of water.
3- Water is directly delivered to the plant’s roots eliminating water-waste.
4- Netafim dripperline is pressure compensating; water is supplied uniformly.
5- Prevent water-waste through puddling, wind, evaporation or overspray.
6- Another remarkable “green” product for the water wise among us.

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  1. Subsurface really works great. I have designed about 30 commercial projects using a similar product from Toro that in my opinion is a better solution. I don’t like the high concentration of hazardous chemicals in the Netafim filter.
    With subsurface, uniformity is really excellent, especially on small areas where other designers typically use sprays. I estimate 30% water savings just because of better uniformity. Add to that no runoff, evaporation, and no need to adjust nozzles, and drip is a great solution for certain areas.

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