Global Warming Warrior: Phytoplankton

In May of this year, WEATHERBIRD II, a 115-foot research vessel trolled the Pacific Ocean dumping more than 20 tons of iron dust into the water near the Galapagos Islands. Why? The project is the first large-scale effort in a controversial field, known as geoengineering, which aims to actively combat global warming. This also proved … Continued

The Efficiency Conundrum

It’s a bit like the dieter who buys a box of low-fat cookies and ends up eating the entire box in one sitting. So much for the diet. A report released on Tuesday by CIBC World Markets Chief Economist Jeff Rubin states that despite the overall gains in energy efficiency since the 1970’s – 50% per … Continued

Tornado Power: Wild Alternative Energy

When people think of tornados they think of mayhem and destruction. A man named Louis Michaud would rather create constructive tornados, very big ones. Louis is a Canadian engineer who intends to turn tornadoes into power plants by creating and containing tornados. Imagine descending into an urban environment aboard a commercial aircraft and seeing a … Continued

The Vanishing Bees

Many of us have heard snipets in the news of vanishing bee colonies in our agricultural-rich states over the past year. The occurence is known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). In some states (as well as in Quebec and parts of Europe), up to 25% of total bee colonies used to pollinate crops for domestic … Continued

IT’s Drive to Go Lean, Clean & Green

Big Hoorah for Google as it distinguishes itself for its commitment to forging a cleaner, greener future here and now…There’s much to clean and green in the IT industry, however. Fortunately, new technology, government and international incentives and the increasing focus on using clean and green tech is enabling businesses to create new opportunities as well as cut costs.

SafeTouch Insulation: So Long Fiberglass

A brilliant new product has hit the market in the form of insulation without the irritating fiberglass found in its predecessors. This material caters to all those do-it-yourself handymen and women out there who have long dreaded installing insulation thanks to the glass dust and itchiness associated with fiberglass. Dow Chemical Company has recently introduced … Continued

The Fort Collins Dilemma: Nuclear or Solar?

The New York Times reported today an intriguing article on what’s happening in Fort Collins, Colorado – a city that prides itself on being a bastion of green living. The town’s motto, “Where renewal is a way of life,” is more than just a metaphor. The city is heavily involved in promoting carbon-free energy production. … Continued

Renewable Energy: Talk is Cheap and Google Puts Their Money Where Their Mouth Is

Google “renewable energy” today and you’re likely to come up with – Google. (How many companies can claim both a verb and a noun for their name?) As everyone reading this blog (or any blog) knows, it wasn’t that long ago that anyone even uttering such a phrase as “Just google it”, would have probably been met with muffled titters, … Continued

MagLev Wind Turbine

MagLev wind turbines, the next generation of wind turbines is capable of generating power from wind speeds as low as 1.5 m/s and reported to operate in winds reaching 40 m/s. This large wind turbine from maglev industries will also increase generation capacity by 20% at the same time decreasing operational costs by 50% over … Continued

Connecting the dots between mind, body, and green

Beginning while I was a student at the sustainability focused MBA program Presidio School of Management, and on into my work in the world at GreenSmith Consulting, I’ve often noticed an ironic trend: For people that are so focused on increasing the wellness of the planet, and the conserving, reusing, and reconfiguring of the use … Continued

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate (biodiesel) Truck

Two men left England last Friday on their way to Timbuktu in a truck powered by chocolate. For the sake of accuracy, the truck is powered with biodiesel fuel made from “waste chocolate” (I never knew there was such a thing as waste chocolate!). Leaving from England on a ferry across the English channel, the team of … Continued

Renewable Energy Shortfalls

Renewable energy is all the big push these days and yet the sudden demand cannot be met thanks to poor planning and the ebb and flow of trends. Lacking the foresight in many states the demand for renewable energy is outstripping supply in turn racking up prices making the move for cheap alternative energy a … Continued

Climate Change & Business: The Carbon Disclosure Project

In the face of the rising value of greenwash, the success of domestic and international climate change mitigation and emissions reductions efforts hinges on assembling the apparatus to reliably, accurately and comprehensively monitor, assess and report on businesses’ awareness, plans and actions. The Carbon Disclosure Project aims to do just that.

AskPablo: Green Holiday Lights?

Now that turkey day is behind us the holiday season is in full swing. Despite my annual Grinch-like attitude, it once again looks like Christmas threw up inside my house (thanks to my wife — she says its an addiction she’s had since childhood) and there is no shortage of holiday lights. We all have … Continued