KACO Solar a Model for Sustainable Manufacturing and Business

Solor panelsA matter of conviction – and then of business”

KACO Solar, an international manufacturer of PV inverters announced on Wednesday their entire manufacturing process produces a net zero in carbon emissions.

The announcement was aimed to stress the dedication KACO’s German parent company, KACO Garaetetechnik GmBH, has toward sustainable manufacturing processes and carbon emission reduction. KACO’s US operation works out of a “green office” in San Francisco’s Presidio.

As well as using solar power for their manufacturing, KACO also utilizes a co-generation wood chip biofuel plant to produce hot water and heat, without any CO2 emission.

All manufacturing takes place in Germany, where strict controls can be maintained. KACO encourages its employees to use public transportation and provides bicycles and electric cars to get around between the three German facilities KACO operates (in the same town).

A good overview of KACO’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing and “doing well by doing good” is presented in this video.

President Ralf Hoffman is the driving force behind KACO’s commitment toward sustainable business practices. His company is an example of how industry can employ sustainable business and manufacturing processes, encourage a greener lifestyle for its employees, and offers solutions that other businesses can follow when developing their own sustainable business model.

As Hoffman says, “It’s not just what you do, but how you do it”.


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