Opportunity Green 2007 in L.A.

Los Angeles is not typically known for its eco-cred, but the organizers of Opportunity Green 2007 hope to change that. They have organized a conference to bring together some of the most influential green professionals at the UCLA School of Management this Saturday, November 17.
What makes this conference unique is the opportunity to watch the 2006/2007 California Clean Tech Winners pitch to a panel of noted VC and Angel Investors. For those of us who aspire to own and manage our own green companies, this will be an exciting process to witness and learn from.

Other scheduled speakers include:
Kevin Wall, Founder, Live Earth
John Picard, Preeminent Environmental Builder and Consultant
Jonathan Greenblatt , Co-Founder, Ethos Water & Sr Advisor X-Prize Foundation
Graham Hill – Founder, TreeHugger.com
Gunther Lie, Director of Interactive Marketing, Method Products
Chip Conley, CEO, Joie De Vivre Hospitality
Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures
Josh Dorfman, Author/producer/host of ‚ÄòThe Lazy Environmentalist’
Jamais Cascio, Founder of WorldChanging.com
Joshua Onysko, Founder/CEO, Pangea Organic
And, of course, you won’t want to miss the Being Green + Being Profitable open-bar after-party! See you there…

Shannon Arvizu, Ph.D., is a clean tech educator and cutting-edge consultant for the auto industry. You can follow her test drives in the cars of the future at www.misselectric.com.

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  1. Opportunity Green was not as advertised. It was simply another left-wing eco-chat. The presenters were good but they were preaching to the choir. “Being green and being profitable” was the tagline. I don’t think I heard the word “profit” once during this thing. Events like these give the term “Greenwashing” a whole new meaning!

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