The Vanishing Bees

Many of us have heard snipets in the news of vanishing bee colonies in our agricultural-rich states over the past year. The occurence is known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). In some states (as well as in Quebec and parts of Europe), up to 25% of total bee colonies used to pollinate crops for domestic and export consumption disappeared between 2006-2007. Several causes, including pesticide use, malnutrition, depressed immune system, GMO crops, mites, and increasing temperatures are believed to have contributed to the problem. Given that many crops are dependent upon bee poliination for survival, the economic and public health impact of CCD could potentially be catastrophic if the present trend continues.
An upcoming documentary, “The Vanishing Bees,” takes a close look at CCD in a thought-provoking and engaging manner. I encourage all of Triple P readers to take a look at the trailer posted on their website. The producers of Hive Mentality Films have done a superb job in showcasing this disturbing phenomenon.

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