Incubate and Activate Your Social Entrepreneur

banner5_01.jpgYou’ve been pondering the idea for months now. Maybe you’ve devised a way to get cleaner drinking water to drought-striken regions or built an eco-emergency shelter for refugees. How do you mobilize your social entrepreneurship idea into the strategic and implementation phase? Apply now to attend the Global Social Benefit Incubator 2008, sponsored by the Skoll Foundation and Santa Clara University.

Recipients of the Global Social Benefit Incubator 2008 scholarships (valued at $20,000) will attend an in-residence summer program and receive on-going mentoring and collaboration to make their idea a reality. In this program, participants will develop a business plan and one-year tactical plan for their emerging organization.
Sounds like a great opportunity for those of us with big ideas who need the added support from the entrepreneurial community.

Shannon Arvizu, Ph.D., is a clean tech educator and cutting-edge consultant for the auto industry. You can follow her test drives in the cars of the future at

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