Focus the Nation: How would you spend $100 billion in a clean energy movement?

Today, all acroos the country, participants are tuning in and submitting their two-bits on solutions to global warming in a “teach in” called Focus the Nation. More than 1,600 institutions, the majority of which are colleges and universities are involved in this solution think tank. This gathering of minds involves faculty-led symposiums and round table … Continued

Saatchi & Saatchi “S” Aquires Act Now Productions

Here’s something I didn’t see coming: Publicis Groupe have acquired Adam Webach’s Act Now Productions and will bring them under the Saatchi & Saatchi S name. (The additional “S” is for Sustainability) The idea is to take the highly successful PSP (Personal Sustainabilty Project) concept that ActNow developed for Wal-Mart and combine it with the … Continued

Don’t Get Stuck in the “Green Ghetto” – Says Ideo

Although the number of “conscious consumers” has risen in recent years, Steve Bishop (Global Lead Designer from Ideo) cautions against focusing marketing efforts solely towards green consumers. His article, “Don’t Bother with the ‘Green’ Consumer,” is featured in a new installation from the Harvard Business Review, In it, Bishop says that companies don’t want … Continued

Alternative Energy, Green Jobs, and Economic Stimulus

“It’s the economy, stupid” Ah yes, we remember the early nineties fondly and the phrase that in recent weeks has been resurrected in the wake of high energy prices and the mortgage loan debacle. Suddenly the economy doesn’t seem quite so stable to the average American and both the White House and Congress agree that an economic … Continued

Hydrogen-Burning Hypersonic Airplane: Going Green at Mach-5

The proposed future of air travel is quite a marvel. Seems unfathomable compared to the pollutant, oil-guzzling airliners of today. With the endless and testing delays, the awkward security, and greenhouse gas-emitting beasts, it’s a wonder why solutions have not yet come to fruition. It just so turns out, it is all happening rather quickly … Continued

AskPablo: Should I buy soda in plastic bottles or aluminum cans?

Dear Pablo, Assuming that one can’t break the habit of drinking pop, what kind of container is more environmentally friendly, aluminum cans or plastic bottles (2 liter)? Aluminum cans take a great deal of energy and natural resources to process and transport. Aluminum begins as bauxite ore, is refined into aluminum oxide, and ends up … Continued

Waste Management Greens up its Act

Waste management. Two words that have in the past been little more then a euphemism for trash pickup, one step to the dump. Now, the company which bears that name has made a concerted effort to shift the perception of what it does to be far wider, and much cleaner then simply a means to … Continued

The Sky Trust: A Cap-and Dividend System that Pays Citizens

A new publication, “Citizen’s Guide to Carbon Capping,” presents an interesting concept for making a cap-and-trade system more effective in our nation. This 22-page book (free and downloadable on presents concise and innovative ideas for crafting a carbon policy in the U.S. that reduces emissions and enhances our country’s economic well-being. The gem of … Continued

HCN’s call for a national energy policy…and candidates’ attention

I’m not a big reader of magazines or periodicals but one I always look forward to receiving is High Country News, especially when it comes to the environment, politics and the West, one of my favorite reads is High Country News…Check that, I’d say that it is one of my favorite periodicals period. Decrying our … Continued

Wood-Pellet Stoves: Efficient Heat

The 1980’s witnessed the inception of wood-pellet stoves but the benefits and efficiency of this innovative product, has not showed its face until recently. A pellet stove is a small electric unit that burns small pieces of recycled and compacted sawdust pellets. The advantages to wood pellet stoves are many, for one, they are extremely … Continued

Green Class Meters: Energy Monitoring

Are you curious to know your energy consumption within your home or business? Here is a simple and easily integrated device for your home or business. Considering the world-wide focus on green building sustainability this is a good measurement point for determining your energy consumption. E-Mon has recently introduced a line of Green Class meters. … Continued

EnviroMedia’s Greenwashing Index is Now Live

Back in December I wrote about the upcoming launch of a Greenwashing Index website from EnviroMedia in partnership with University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. The site is now live and I’ve just spent some time taking a look at what they’ve accomplished. In their own words, the goal of the index is to: Help consumers … Continued

Plant A Tree Every Time You Buy A Book: Ecolibris Shows You How

I admit it. I have an amazon addiction. As a researcher and reporter, I’m committed to buying books. I try to buy used when I can, but sometimes I break down and buy new. I wish I had the option to buy the books I want on recycled paper, but unfortunately, that’s not always offered. … Continued

Aptera: The New Electric Car on the Block

Electric car entrepreneurs are really starting to gather momentum this year. Joining the ranks of the Tesla and the Phoenix, the Aptera intends to begin production in late 2008. What makes the Aptera stand out (in addition to its unique aerodynamic design), is its versatility and price. The Aptera is available in two models: a … Continued

CDP Initiative Aims to Establish Carbon Reporting Across the Supply Chain

The Carbon Disclosure Project through its Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration is working to extend businesses’ carbon footprint reporting and disclosure by developing and rolling out standard reports that leading global businesses will distribute to and work with supply chain partners to complete.