Focus the Nation: How would you spend $100 billion in a clean energy movement?

Today, all acroos the country, participants are tuning in and submitting their two-bits on solutions to global warming in a “teach in” called Focus the Nation. More than 1,600 institutions, the majority of which are colleges and universities are involved in this solution think tank.
This gathering of minds involves faculty-led symposiums and round table discussions. The nice feature to it all is there will be an online ballot for anyone who wishes to submit what they think the top five solutions to global warmning should be.
Tonight, at 8 ET, there will be a live webcast coined The 2% Solution, which is produced by the National Wildlife Federation. The title is directly linked to the proposed goal of reducing carbon emissions 2% a year.
The webcast will host a live panel discussion as well as clips from the actor/activist Edward Norton, including many high profile scientists and global warming experts. The viewers will be able to send in text messages on how they might choose to spend $100 billion in a clean energy revolution.
The webcast will be broadcasted through Earthday Network TV and can be viewed at More information can be found at

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