3form: Resin Encapsulated Technology; High-End Fashion Design

I was introduced to the 3form company at a local green gathering recently. The company produces materials for the architectural and design community and is working nicely in a green direction. I really liked the materials they used and the massive variety of applications for them. Their unique products cast a very modern and stunning … Continued

Quick Presidio Business Survey

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to implementing sustainability practices. MBA students at Presidio School of Management are working to address these needs with a new and innovative web-based service. If you are part of a company of 100 or fewer employees, and have 10 minutes to offer your perspective for market research, … Continued

Richard Branson’s new push, biofuels; coconut oil fueled airliner

Richard Branson, the business man that makes headlines seemingly every week. This time, it is for a green cause, he made history by becoming the first commercial airliner owner to fuel a flight with a partial load of biofuels. The debatable point is this, it took the oil of 150,000 coconuts and some babassu palm … Continued

Green Loop: green apparel, footwear, accessories

GreenLoop, the website for your green apparel, accessory and footwear needs. It is a portal to eco-friendly poducts for head to toe. An interesting company that provides a wholesale service to consumers for a wide variety of green wearable products. The business is a no-nonsense green provider, it provides a portion of all sales to … Continued

VIVAVI: Eco-friendly furnishings, design, build, connections

Those of you with big wqallets and a strong desire to go green with furnishings in your home or office should not overlook Vivavi.com. It is a site that offers a large variety of modern green furnishings from some of the industry’s top designers and manufacturers. I myself simply had a great time shopping through … Continued

America’s Toxic 10 Corporate Polluters – A Story of Contradictions

America’s “Toxic 10,” a special report put out by Conde Nast portfolio.com, demonstrates that we have entered a new realm of corporate environmental governance. We frequently read headlines that highlight corporate sustainability initiatives, like “Ford’s New Green Roof Initiative” or “Boeing’s New Fuel-Efficient Airplanes.” But the sad reality is that corporate giants, by and large, … Continued

Public & Private Sector Renewable Energy Leaders to Gather in D.C.

At the invitation of the U.S. government, public and private sector leaders will be gathering in Washington D.C. early March for WIREC 2008, the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference. The third such event, organizers are busy lining up voluntary pledges from participants to promote and foster renewable energy, which are to be collected and publicly released as the Washington International Action Plan.

FuelMeister II: Personal Biodiesel Processor

One problem consumer’s face when wanting to use biofuels is building an in-house processor for creating biodiesel to further shave costs. This is no small feat so Renewal Biodiesel has created a second generation do-it-yourself system that makes it a snap. The system is aptly coined the FuelMeister II. The biggest benefit to this system … Continued

How to get clean water: Play on a merry-go-round!

We in the West take it for granted that you turn on the faucet, and water comes out. But for many people, it’s not a given. In fact, in many places, you have to walk for miles, scooping it into a large jar, then carry it back. And there’s no guarantee of it’s cleanliness. This … Continued

Coming Soon to Your Home: Wireless Sensors

With the ability to detect, relay and store an increasing range of data about the environment in which they’re placed, wireless sensors are among the most promising of new technologies with lots of potential for improving environmental management. And they’ll soon be common in homes around the U.S., according to ON World.

Hycrete Admixture: concrete waterproofing solution

Michael Rhodes was one of the masterminds behind solid rocket fuel over 40 years ago. Today he is throwing his chemical genius into the concrete arena. Welcome Hycrete Admixture, a blend of metallic ions and calcium moleculesthat react to seal the capillaries in concrete. The result is a waterproof concrete through and through. Hycrete eliminates … Continued

Communicating Sustainability Effectively Within the Workplace

As leaders in the corporate sustainability movement, it is important to be able to share our ideas with others who may not exactly “get it” yet. Anna Clark, president of EarthPeople (a sustainability consulting firm in Dallas, TX), shared her strategies for getting others in your workplace on board on ClimateBiz.com. Implementing these suggestions the … Continued

Fiber Nanogenerators Put the Power in Power Walking

It may not be very long before we are generating our own electricity through the clothes we wear as well as a range of other textiles if advances in fiber nanogenerators such as those being made by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology continue apace.

Greening Your Small Business Can Have a Big Impact

The greening of small businesses across the country is a movement all its own. While it may be easy to dismiss the impact of small companies when compared to the big guys, consider the following stats from a GreenBiz.com article published today: “Small Businesses (defined as firms with less than 500 employees) employ half of … Continued