3form: Resin Encapsulated Technology; High-End Fashion Design

I was introduced to the 3form company at a local green gathering recently. The company produces materials for the architectural and design community and is working nicely in a green direction. I really liked the materials they used and the massive variety of applications for them. Their unique products cast a very modern and stunning image.
One of my favorites worth highlighting is “100 PERCENT” – it is low environmental impact material composed of recycled HDPE. In other words, it’s waste transformed into a very sexy and stylish design. It truly is beautiful and unique, but aside from the aesthetics, it’s tough, green, and clean.

3form was born in 2001 on the inventive and innovative shoulders of Ray Goods and the business savvy of his son Talley Goodson. Ray holds several patents for “Resin Encapsulation Technology,” which evolved into eco-friendly resin as the primary component of the most recent breakthrough. Talley envisioned the need in the industry for this technology paired with creative and beautiful designs. 3form prides itself in providing resin products for design accents and construction on a whole new level. They have successfully created and introduced environmentally friendly, affordable, safe and cutting edge designs to the market.
The EcoResin product line is brought to life with sandwiched interlayers of fashionably crafted colors, textures and patterns. The variety in this line of products is so stunning it captured international acclaim in the first year of the company launch. The future looks bright for 3form, expanding its lines in furniture, strata and hardware collections with its fresh resin-based designs. The new and most innovative additions that are to come are the Struttura line, an exterior collection and 3form digital. This process is a snap – all a designer or developer has to do is send in a digital image of what they want and 3form will be able to encapsulate a color match to capture the image desired. As little as I know about 3form at this point, it’s enough to make me a fan. The applications are varied – from stairs to walls to counter tops to furniture, it’s a fantastic company. I was more than impressed with the product visually and after performing some research, I can say whole heartedly that I am a fan of 3form. I have since purchased a particular piece for me office space and I am extremely pleased with the result. Check out 3form, it’s something special!!!

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  1. This is an intriguing post, but nowhere in the article does the author stipulate what kinds of products these are. From the photo one would deduce we are talking about floor coverings or furniture..?

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