FuelMeister II: Personal Biodiesel Processor

One problem consumer’s face when wanting to use biofuels is building an in-house processor for creating biodiesel to further shave costs. This is no small feat so Renewal Biodiesel has created a second generation do-it-yourself system that makes it a snap. The system is aptly coined the FuelMeister II. The biggest benefit to this system is cost savings, producing your own biodiesel fuel can bank you as little as .70 cents a gallon!!
The FuelMeister II is faster, safer, and easier to operate than its older sibling. The FuelMeister creates biodiesel out of used cooking oil, methanol, lye, electricity and tap water. With these ingredients properly blended the FuelMeister can kick out 80 gallons of clean-burning fuel every day. This fuel can be used to power your vehicle or even your home or both.

The improvements from the first FuelMeister are many. Some new features include the single tank system, making it much more convenient to put in a small shop, garage or shed. It also has a relatively slick direct catalyst injection system which increases the rate of chemical reactions making the FuelMeister capable of generating two batches per day. There is an automated water wash feature, relieving constant supervision and simple valve and tank lip operations for speed and efficiency during the process.
FuelMeister II makes it simple for first-time chemists and fuel chefs; the system comes complete with all of the chemical testing equipment, safety equipment, scales and procedures to assist you in making the highest quality biodiesel possible. With associated dealer support, a toll-free factory service line and total product support from multiple sources the FuelMeister II is the clear winner among the personal biodiesel processors.

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  1. These units are great! I have one. I did a lot of research before buying.
    There are other units our there but none have the patented catalyst direct injection system that allows for 5 hr production time and single tank capability.
    When you consider the alternative of trying to cobble together a home built unit, the savings in time more than pays for the unit.
    I was talking to my farrier last week when he was out shoeing our horses. He has worked for a year to try and put together a unit to make biodiesel based on information that he got off of the internet… he gave up on that and bought a kit from an internet source… he still cannot produce fuel in less than a weeks time… and he has spent a lot of time and money. If he had just bought on of these units he would be thousand of dollars ahead right now based on 10 months of fuel savings alone… not to mention his wasted time and money.

  2. I am looking into buying this processor i was concerned about drying the fuel after the wash is this step excluded with this processor or is it something you have to set up yourself.

  3. I went to a workshop on this unit and it seems to work really nice. I just order one, should be here in two weeks. To dry the fuel you just drop a heater into the tank. Then he pumped it onto a 55gal drum with a circulation pump to finish drying.

  4. I’m having trouble trying to locate sources for used veggie oil (They seem to be “drying up” rapidly). My local, friendly chinese restaurant just went “belly up”. My fish & chips place uses hardened veggie oil (he gets it in blocks). I’m told that if I find a source, I don’t want to use straight veggie oil but rather bio-diesel, that somehow straight oil could harm my Golf TDI. I haven’t tried anything yet; my buddy Russo is using half & half veggie/diesel in his old Jetta. I’m a complete novice at this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It seems you have the best product on the market, right now.
    Thanks, Jerry W.

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