How to green your phone service

The words sustainability and business phone service don’t often get put together, other then, say, consumer long distance and cell phone carriers like Working Assets Credo service and Earth Tones that dedicate a portion of their profits to earth and social positive causes. So it was interesting to hear from someone at Broadcore, a voip … Continued

Deforestation-Carbon Markets Research

Foresters, climatolgists and environmental agencies are devoting much time and effort to figure out a way to include deforestation abatement into the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development and carbon trading schemes. A recently released discussion paper examines the potential effects carbon credits would have on forest conservation and use.

Walmart Says No to Milk from “Juiced” Cows

When Walmart takes a position in the marketplace, it’s hard not to notice. There’s little doubt that Monsanto hasn’t taken notice of Walmart’s decision to no longer carry milk from cows injected with Posilac, the synthetic growth hormone produced by Monsanto since 1994. Some believe Walmart is delivering the knock-out blow, following behind other food retailers such as Kroger, … Continued

Solar Thermal Electricity: Catching the Eye of Utility Companies

The American Southwest has some of the greatest solar resources on the globe, it yet remains largely untapped. This trend may be changing as solar technology matures, market forces shift and concern for climate change mounts. One of the most common arguments against large-scale use of renewable energy is that it cannot produce a steady, … Continued

Birding and Solar Power in Israel’s Eilot Region

Israel’s southernmost Eilot region is a special place in several respects. For one, the desert blooms here, thanks to an aquifer that has turned it into an agricultural center. It also holds a unique place in the hearts and minds of the world’s birds, ornithologists and birding enthusiasts, as it in the migratory route for hundreds of species making their way north to Eurasia and their breeding grounds. It’s also a budding center of entrepreneurial spirit and renewable energy, home to the Arava Power Co., which is hatching plans to build a 500 kWhr solar farm on Kibbutz Ketura.

Reconnect Program Expands into Houston

Reconnect is a partnership between Dell Computer and Goodwill Industries offering consumers in participating cities a computer recycling and reuse program. Goodwills in California, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas have programs in place in many cities and regions. The Grand Opening today of the Houston Computer Works store was the occasion to announce expansion of … Continued

Sustainability Below the Surface: Sustainable Brands Conference This June in Beautiful Monterey

The Sustainable Brands Conference is coming to Monterey California this June 2nd to the 5th at the Hyatt Regency. Innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of businesses large and small are slated for attendance at this unique conference billed as the “only conference focused on sustainability as a key driver for brand prosperity and success in the 21st century.” … Continued

Eco Tuesday: A Discussion with Jonah Sachs of Free Range Studios

TriplePundit has partnered with EcoTuesday, the monthly sustainable business networking event to provide an online dialog following each EcoTuesday event. The idea is that conversations that started at the event can be continued online, and connections that were made can be rekindled. On Tuesday, March 25, EcoTuesday took place at Le Colonial Restaurant in San … Continued

Music Wood: A Song for Sustainable Forestry

“Somebody has to do something, it’s just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us”-Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead Jerry is no longer with us, of course, but he would be happy to hear about Music Wood, a partnership between Greenpece and musical instrument makers Martin, Gibson, Fender, Taylor, and Yamaha. The goal of the campaign … Continued

New Kyoto Protocol CDM Chair Sets Priorities

Streamlining and expanding the UNFCCC’s Clean Development Mechanism will be key priorities for 2008, according to Rajesh Kumar Sethi, the recently appointed chair of the CDM Executive Board.

Mail Back: USPS to recycle e-waste free of charge

This is a guest post was written by Bobby Grace, a student in Professor Simran Sethi’s Media and the Environment course at the University of Kansas originally published this to the course blog on March 18, 2008. I don’t skateboard. I’ve tried, but I never really got the hang of it. The last (and final) … Continued

AskPablo: The great diaper debate

The great diaper debate of disposable vs. cloth now has a new dimension thanks to gDiapers, flushable nappies that are cradle-to-cradle certified. But is it really environmentally sound to flush each diaper? The gDiapers Web site says it’s OK to throw them away since they biodegrade within 60 days, but it also points out that … Continued

Nike makes a green sneaker?

In a sign that eco friendly shoes are moving out of the hemp, vegan, crunchy cliches and into the broader world is the newly released Nike Trash Talk shoe. Nike themselves have had a sustainably made shoe line called Considered, that, while a great effort, stayed firmly in the brown shoe, casual segment, not touching … Continued

Pres. Bush Address at WIREC 2008

Lots has changed since Pres. Bush and his administration took office nearly eight years ago. One them is the Bush administration’s attempts to come up with a national energy policy which have had to undergo drastic alteration…

What Walmart and Kermit Have in Common: It’s Not Easy Being Green

And if you were to ask Lee Scott, Walmart’s CEO, he’d say Walmart isn’t green at all – which doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. Walmart has been vilified for destroying America’s “Main Street”, exploiting workers all over the world (including here in the U.S.), and helping fuel a consumerist environmental mess on a scale … Continued