Eco Tuesday: A Discussion with Jonah Sachs of Free Range Studios

TriplePundit has partnered with EcoTuesday, the monthly sustainable business networking event to provide an online dialog following each EcoTuesday event. The idea is that conversations that started at the event can be continued online, and connections that were made can be rekindled.
On Tuesday, March 25, EcoTuesday took place at Le Colonial Restaurant in San Francisco, with Jonah Sachs, CEO of Free Range Studios as the expert speaker.
A few choice clips:

(apologies for poor lighting)
Jonah’s pioneering communications work has helped hundreds of progressive organizations break through the media din with strategic, inspiring messages. He’s the creative force behind the web presences of such pre-eminent organizations as the ACLU, Heifer International and Environmental Defense.
If you were at the event, what did you think? Please use the comments here to continue the conversation. If you were not at the event, please feel free to jump in. As always, if you are interested in bringing EcoTuesday to your community, check out the contact form here.

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  1. Great event as usual. I’m curious about the pressure to make money doing something “unsustainable” vs “the right thing”. Sound’s a little cheesy, but Jonah mentioned he could have made a lot more money doing more commercial endeavors… that’s easily said once you’ve enjoyed some success, but the reality can often be more difficult for others who are just starting out or are more cash strapped.
    For others who have found themselves in this position, do you have advice? ie – it’s ok to take on work that’s not perfect for a while? And if the payoff is not monetary in the long run, what’s the extra payoff for doing things sustainably? Is it just satisfaction, or can we put some more tangible measurement on it?

  2. Nick, I was at the event too and started talking with the guy next to me (who had a solar thermal company) about just how easy, or rather hard, it can be to stick to certain client criteria when you really just need paying clients! Jonah also mentioned one of their techniques of being selective about what they would do for certain clients. It sounded like they would research the depth, and dare I say veracity, of some companies desired messages before taking them on.

    But I do think, as impossibly hard as it may be in the beginning, if your company is committed to work in only certain ways or with certain topics you must stick by those and not compromise. Otherwise it is a slippery slope and will start to change your company culture so down the road you may be less and less likely to have those more sustainable options for which you were originally aiming.

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