Pres. Bush Address at WIREC 2008

It’s amazing how at certain key turning points decisions and policies that will strongly influence and determine the future course for entire nations of individuals hang on a razor’s edge…and fall one way or another based largely on meetings and get-togethers carried out out of the public eye.
One of the first things Pres. Bush and his administration focused on upon taking control of the executive branch of government was to push for a National Energy Policy…Unsurprisingly, it focused heavily on ramping up domestic petroleum and gas exploration and development. The almost clandestine way the Bush-Cheney team carried out the policy formulation process came to light, leading to claims of abuse of power, and once again highlighting the potential conflicts of interest inherent in policy making given their well-known personal histories and vested oil and gas industry interests.
Those policies have changed dramatically…Here’s a video — courtesy of davidanyc2 and YouTube — to Pres. Bush’s address at the recently concluded WIREC 2008 (Washington International Renewable Energy Conference) where more than 8600 delegates from more than 150 international delegations made more than 100 pledges of action to promote and increase renewable energy development and use.

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  1. I don’t want to get overly political here, but he comes across as so unbelievably dumb it blows my mind. The guy seems to have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. Jesus… at least someone put some words in his mouth.

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