Gridpoint, Duke Energy Conduct First Commercial PHEV Test

Duke Energy and Gridpoint Inc. on March 27 announced what they believe to be the first successful commercial test of utility-controlled charging a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) using smart grid technology.
Using the latter’s SmartGrid systems platform, Duke engineers tested the “smart charging” features of Gridpoint’s SmartGrid by plugging a PHEV into a garage wall outlet. Charging started at 10 p.m. and the car was fully charged before peak demand the following morning and ready for the driver’s commute. The system successfully controlled, measured and verified the charging process, according to the media release.

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  1. Now if they could couple the PHEVs with renewables, they would really have something. If photovoltaics were the renewable source, then a solution could be two modular, easily removable, battery packs. One would charge during the peak sun hours while the other battery pack would be in use. If renewables were available in the hours when driving did not take place (e.g., wind) that would even be better.

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