Paylocity: Making Green Happen Internally

In June of 2006 Paylocity moved it’s business into a new office and the employees were surprised to find themselves surrounded by green. The carpets and work stations are composed of recycled materials including energy efficient lighting and water heating at point of source.
Paylocity is a payroll and HR solutions provider and has been running strong for the past ten years. The green movement was spearheaded by the founder and CEO of the company Steve Sarowitz. Aside from making the move toward green surroundings Steve had a notion to further this trend toward going green. Prior to the move he e-mailed his 180 employees about forming a “green team” to explore how the company could further explore its mission to make green something more than just a nip and tuck here and there.

Rather quickly a 14 member “green team” was initiated and brainstorming a generous list of initiatives to employ. These included expanding paylocity’s recycling program, going paperless, switching to biodegradable products, and giving employees ceramic coffee mugs instead of paper cups. “We want our own internal environmental conscience asking us, ‘Is there a better way to be a good corporate citizen?” says Sarowitz, 42.
Going green is still red-hot and fortunately businesses are capitalizing on the trend both in cost savings and potential PR rebounds for the positive reflection on this trend. But, going green is still achallenge for companies for several reasons. Primarily education and awareness hinders people from getting into the movement. The resistance to change is a strong internal human characteristic and its prevalence is a powerful antagonist to this movement. Fortunately, people are finding ways to negotiate this resistance and the movement continues to grow. Paylocities instructiions to the “green team” were simple, stay cost-neutral or save money wherever possible. “You just have to say, ‘Let’s do this,’ and your employees will do it for you,”says Sarowitz. “Just point your company in the right direction.”

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  1. Nice story – curious about the actual numbers that Paylocity accomplished. I mean, this sound’s really great, but unless we see actual numbers in reduction, or cost savings, then it’s all talk!

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