Are Biofuels the Root Cause of Rising Food Prices?

As food riots break out in countries around the world rapidly growing biofuels production is putting additional strains on prices and the global food supply chain. Rapidly rising oil and fossil fuel costs, climate change, and growing urban populations in rapidly industrializing countries are likely far more significant drivers however.

The Best Renewable Energy Source: Innovation in Action Part 2: GreenFuel – A Love Affair With Algae

Continuing where we left off from my post earlier this month with our exploration of Fred Krupp and Miriam Horn’s book Earth: the Sequel – The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming. The book is about the the drive toward a new energy economy and the companies the are helping to clear the path. Companies like GreenFuel Technologies, founded in 2001 as the … Continued

Green Careers and How to Find One

Around the globe, people are seeking career changes to find environmentally responsible employment. This once niche market has become mainstream, where now you can find opportunities from a range of employers, in a range of fields, that are suitable to a diverse range of job seekers. This rapidly expanding market has emerged for a range … Continued

Plugged In: The End of the Oil Age

The greening of the transportation sector is rife with conflict. Frequent debates occur over the benefits and disadvantages of several emerging technologies. Which has better energy-efficiency? Hydrogen or battery electric? Which is more feasible in the short-run? Plug-in hybrids or biodiesel? Which is more eco-friendly? Hybrids or compressed natural gas? The answers to these questions … Continued

Exxon Squares Off With Rockefellers, Shareholders

Last week, 3P reported that a “shareholder revolt” was fomenting against the leadership of ExxonMobil, and yesterday marked the showdown between the two groups at the annual meeting in Dallas. Characterized as “bruised, but victorious” by the, Exxon’s chairman and CEO, Rex Tillerson, emerged from the meeting with his leadership intact as the revolt … Continued

ALC-EU Summit, Peru 2008

On May 14th, as the French coastal city of Cannes swelled with celebrities, with heavyweights such as Spielberg, Polanski, and the like littering the streets for the famous annual film festival, the streets of Lima experienced an equally similar and momentous influx of its own. On the same day, heads of state from Latin American, … Continued

Triple Pundit Readers Get Free Tickets to Dwell on Design LA

If you’ve ever wanted to green your home or workplace, then you’ll want to be at Dwell on Design LA on June 5-8, 2008. Dwell is hosting a conference and exhibition that brings together everyone who is anyone in the sustainable design field. Here is your chance to talk with architects, designers, and other trade … Continued

3P SoundBite: Tim O’Shea of CleanFish

Inspired by the initiatives taken by Niman Ranch where small family farms did not have to sell out their farms, in 2004, Tim O’Shea of CleanFish started intensive conversations with a seafood distributor to initiate a grassroots, guerilla marketing approach to change the fishing industry’s mass producing attitude towards fish. While the news continued to broadcast the problems with farm salmon and wild fisheries. Tim felt that both the media and environmental groups were sending out the wrong message of “Farm bad, wild good.”

Tesla? Ha, who needs it! Here comes AMP!

Tesla has long dominated news of electric cars, with its sexy Ferrari-like styling, famous customers, and tabloid worthy behind the scenes politics. But what if you don’t have in excess of $109,000 for the base model? What if you don’t want to wait a year? What if you don’t want to settle for a close … Continued

Congressional Bills that address Climate Change

All over Washington, you can hear the giant scraping sound of officials and legislators frantically back-tracking,” begins the U.S. edition of George Monbiot’s book Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning. In 2007 the sound of scraping must have echoed because the U.S. Senate introduced two climate change bills. The Climate Security Act, also … Continued