3P SoundBite: Kandy Kidd of Real Estate Brokerage, Studley, Inc.

studley.jpg3P SoundBite emerged from our desire to show that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in sustainability come from all different walks of life…they could be people you know, or they could even be you! Every Thursday, we bring you a new profile and a new perspective.
This week, we went to Green Drinks in Palo Alto, Calif. to find out what’s new with people in sustainability.
The concept of the “integrated triple bottom line” means that businesses need to change their approach and influence stakeholders, no matter which industry.
Kandy Kidd is a relative newcomer to the sustainability approach: she is now one of three real estate brokers for Studley, Inc. that holds a LEED Professional Accreditation status as of this year.

Who: Kandy Kidd, associate director for Studley Inc. Silicon Valley. Kandy completed LEED Professional Accreditation in April after six weeks of self-study. Her approach to sustainability is “not just about putting an energy efficienty system in, but to also look at how it is run.”
Studley Silicon Valley’s take on sustainability: Studley Inc. was founded in 1954 in New York and the company now has locations nation-wide. Studley offers their clients office real estate where “great space can boost morale, assist in recruiting and retention and improve productivity,” according to the company website.
Two-thirds of electricity in the US is consumed by commercial buildings, Kandy said, and while most real estate brokers focus on the square footage of a location, Kidd’s team looks closely at how people commute to work, based on zip code data of employee residences. Corporate decision makers often realize they can shorten the employee commute by moving the location of their office.
On the next generation: Kandy’s motivation for going green was mainly inspired by her 18-year-old son.

“We cannot continue to behave this way towards the planet,”

Kandy said, referring to the carelessness of most people when it comes to the environment and the earth’s resources. She points out that millennials are the next generation of workers and high school campuses are enforcing green initiatives. “I know a high school student who can’t imagine working for a company less green than his high school.”
Kandy’s advice to aspiring green advocates: “Number one is to shift the mindset of employees. You can have a green location, but if you don’t change the behavior of employees, then the green platform doesn’t work.”
She says that this “mindshift” can happen simply by inviting others to participate. She asked employees to take a five minute survey during a company meeting to examine their eco-footprint and suggested that each employee tries to change 5 simple things in their life to help the planet. Some employees were able to come up with 10 ideas as opposed to the suggested five.
More about Studley, Inc.: http://www.studley.com
Editor’s Note:Conservation International’s eco-footprint calculator exists to encourage individuals to take action in sustainability and is by no means an absolute indicator of a company’s real environmental impact.
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