Convention Date Confirmed – WSF 2009 Amazonia

The World Social Forum takes place annually to provide a meeting ground for civil society organisations, networks and individuals to explore the progression of social movements across the globe. Those attending the function become equipped with the latest knowledge on social development, struggles and innovation in the field.
The WSF hopes to facilitate networking among organisations, both local and international, that are working in a sustainable manner towards quality of life improvements for the world’s poor.
The date for the 2009 World Social Forum has been confirmed by the International Council. It will happen from January 27th 2009 until February 1st 2009 in Belem, Para, Brazil. Persons and organisations are invited to register for the event to

“come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, for formulate proposals, share their experiences freely and network for effective action.”

The essential theme of the event each year is to build alternatives to neo-liberal policies. The guiding document of the WSF, the ‘Charter of Principles’ explores this further.
It is an open event and the planning is just underway for next year’s convention. The event encourages participation from diverse groups and is non-aligned and non-governmental. Two universities of Brazil, the Universidade Federal do Para (Federal University of Para) and the Universidade Federal Rural da Amazonia (Federal Rural University of Amazon) will host the event, as well as possibly the Nucleo Pedagogico Integrado (Pedagogic Integrated Nucleus). More information on the coming event can be found at the official WSF website, with more detailed information at the blog in Portuguese

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