Green PC: Corsair Greens its Power Supply Line

corsair%2080%20plus.jpgCorsair is one of the leading providers of gaming-grade, high performance memory and power supplies. They offer products like a 1000W power supply fit to power three video cards, and the DOMINATOR line of memory built for processor overclocking, a power-hungry process of maximizing computer performance.
As you may have guessed, computer gaming has never been about conserving energy. But Corsair realizes energy efficiency means more reliable computers and money saved on electricity, both of which are important to gamers. With that in mind, they made the entirety of their power supply line 80 PLUS certified. 80 PLUS certification reduces wasted energy by requiring the unit to use 80 percent of energy at various levels of power loads. That is to say if the computer is using 1000 watts, no less than 800 of those must be used for processing. 80 PLUS products reduce heat output, increase reliability, and reduce the need for loud fans, all of which Corsair is touting to its customers. The certification is not just for one or two units; Corsair brought it to their entire line because of the benefits. It proves you don’t have to sacrifice performance for efficiency.
This is not to say the company has gone green across the board. When your business is high end computer gaming, that’s a difficult thing to achieve. Using a 1000W power supply and three video cards is excessive, no matter if it plays the latest games with no lagging. Additionally, Corsair is lacking a take back program for recycling parts. There is also little to no information given on the materials in the units, meaning there is no way to know if the units contain lead or other environmentally sensitive materials. 80 PLUS is an excellent standard for the company, but it shouldn’t be the last of their green initiatives.

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