KL M Proposes to Power Planes With Algae

This has all the risks of being one of those hair-brained ideas thrown together to get attention and then amounting to being less than spectacular: KLM has partnered with a firm called AlgaeLink to produce an aviation fuel derived from Algae. According to Radio Netherlands: The Dutch carrier says if all goes according to plan … Continued

Intel Releases 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report

Intel today released its 2007 Corporate Responsibility Report. Aiming to lead in more than market share or profitability, Intel continues its drive to realize a long-term environmental vision CEO Paul Otellini dubs “Sand to Sand,” as well as play a principal role in efforts to improve education, health care and the use of information and communications technology.

Energy Scavenging: Squeezing Watts from Motion

Using the same technology that allows hybrid cars to recycle braking energy, Max Donelan invented a gadget that produces power from the human knee – capable of producing 2.5 watts of electricity per leg. The unit is not too practical at the moment, but the technology and potential is sound. Currently the knee power generator … Continued

Build It Well and Smart

Build it well, and smart, and they will come. That’s a big part of the lesson from Seabrook, Washington, where a young developer named Casey Roloff has brought his New Urbanist approach to the state’s northern coastline. For decades, coastal development has failed in this part of the state, with nothing more than seedy resorts … Continued

ClimatePULSE: Town and Country – A Look at Agriculture and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Agriculture is a prominent topic in the current policy and market discussions regarding greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation. Crop practices and livestock management are scrutinized for energy intensity and GHG emissions and mitigation potential. Biofuels policies are criticized as a threat to food supplies. Food, the practices providing it, and the countryside from which it comes, … Continued

Carbon Point Study Estimates Global Carbon Market Could Top $3 Trillion by 2020

A study released last week by Point Carbon, a European consultancy and analyst service in global power and carbon markets, estimates that the world carbon market could be worth $3.1 trillion dollars by 2020.   The estimate assumes that the United States adopts a cap and trade mechanism similar to the plan introduced in the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act … Continued

Europe Is Going To Legislate What Makes A Product Green

Green procurement is going to be legislated by EU environment officers. What makes a product green and other issues will be addressed as part of a prioritized environment policy package.

Johnson Controls Aims for LEED Platinum

As I’ve remarked on numerous times in the past (links here), Johnson Controls remains one of the great unsung leaders in efficiency – having been making buildings more efficient since long before it became trendy. Now, they’ve taken their expertise to their own operations with a complete gutting and renovation of their corporate headquarters with … Continued

Building Information Modeling – Strategies for Green Building Technologies

In a previous post (link), I covered how BIM (Building Information Modeling) was changing the Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry, and also provided insights on the market drivers that green technology vendors in this space should be aware of, to leverage BIM for growth. In this column I will cover some insights on growth … Continued

U.S. Oil Subsidies Need to Go

In February the House passed the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act, or H.R. 5351, which would repeal the $18 billion in tax breaks for multinational oil companies. The bill would create tax breaks for producers of renewable energy, fuel, and electricity. The bill needs Senate approval. During a speech while the House debated … Continued

How Can Cities Attract Clean-Tech and Green Buildings?

At this week’s GreenWest Expo (www.greenwestexpo.com), city representatives and industry players were on hand to discuss how each can mutually benefit each other. In this short video segment, four specific strategies are proposed to increase clean technology and green building development in urban centers.

Climate Change and a ‚ÄòSocial Conscience’ for Business

For the last two days Australian business representatives, government and the non-profit sector have convened at the 9th annual National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development. The theme for this year’s forum was ‚ÄòRe-Calibrating the Risk from Climate Change: an urgent business task.’ Throughout the each day, invitees have participated in a range of workshops, … Continued