New Apple iPhone 3G to arrive in Green Packaging

It’s faster, it’s cheaper, it’s just as beautiful, and now it’s greener–at least its packaging is. Apple, the same company that got bruised in its fistfight with Greenpeace last year, literally just announced that its new iPhone 3G, in all of the glory of its already unprecedented demand, will arrive next Friday outfitted in green … Continued

Carbon Markets Clear the Air

As the public debate continues on whether greenhouse gases contribute to global warming or whether we are going through a natural cycle, enormous political pressure and investment dollars are streaming into the solutions aspect of the debate. Discussions in North America on environmental policy and economic benefits are steaming ahead at all levels of government … Continued

Carbon -The Largest Commodity Market?

Carbon may become the world’s largest commodity market, according to recent investigations. The Financial Times reported late last week reported that the carbon market could “outstrip the conventional commodities markets” and other estimates of more than $3 trillion in 2020 have been cast, by Point Carbon for example, dependent on US participation. Bart Chilton, commissioner … Continued

Great Wines and Sustainable Farming in the Central Coast

The Central Coast Vineyard Team is at the forefront of green viticulture, comprising an active network of local farmers committed to best practice wine-making. For nearly 15 years the Team has been developing and promoting sustainable methods of farming within the region. But even better, they have a profitable business model that produces flavorsome wine … Continued

The Greening of the Hotel Industry

Going ‚Äògreen’ is more than a mere fad in the hotel industry. The San Francisco based Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants began implementing environmental initiatives in 1985. Twenty years later Kimpton created EarthCare, which has over 40 eco-friendly practices, including energy and water conservation. In 2006 Kimpton earned the National GeoTourism Award given by National Geographic … Continued

Please Take the Triple Pundit User Survey

Happy Friday everyone. At long last, we’ve conjured up a user survey for Triple Pundit readers and it’s really important that we get some good data over the course of the next week or so. The purpose of the survey is two-fold – 1) To find out more about you, and 2) to find out … Continued

California Unveils Plan for Cutting Carbon

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) on Thursday unveiled its proposal for how to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. The much-anticipated plan (PDF) is the latest step toward implementing California’s landmark “Global Warming Solutions Act” (also know by its legislative number, AB 32), passed in 2006. The bill includes mandates to reduce greenhouse … Continued

What If Your Lawn Had Brains?

Water shortage is an an increasingly important issue in cities across the nation. More than half of all urban water is used on landscapes, much of which is wasted on overwatering. Municipalities are implementing new regulations to curb usage and increase prices. So, where does that leave business owners and homeowners who would still like … Continued

Paul Polak on Poverty Alleviation

Paul Polak, founder of International Development Enterprises (IDE), has released an enriching addition to the poverty debate. ‘Out of Poverty’ clearly elucidates some of the great myths of traditional development approaches and, best of all, will have you thinking optimistically about solutions. Polak’s work provides an innovative and well grounded approach to addressing poverty; a … Continued

Whole Foods Unveils New Outdoor Ad Campaign

Last night, as is the case most days, I was quickly skimming through the barrage of MediaPost newsletters I get in my inbox. Sandwiched in the newly-launched ad campaign section, between a promotion by Jolt Energy to hand out free cola to residents in Alaska that will have no darkness for the next week and … Continued

Interview with Mitch Baranowski of BBMG

Today I interviewed, via the telephone, co-founder of BBMG Mitch Baranowski. He began by telling me that BBMG is “a hub for socially conscious companies that practice the triple bottom line.” The rest of the interview focused on BBMG’s Conscious Consumer Report. Q. In the introduction of the report it mentions “the rise of the … Continued

Where’s My Wind? Outdated Grid Transmission in the U.S.

Wind energy is facing yet another obstacle in the U.S. This time it’s about transmission issues. How do we connect various renewable energy projects to our nation’s grid? Currently, the U.S. transmission grid needs serious upgrading to handle the additional input of energy. In the meantime, wind turbines slated for installation have been collecting dust … Continued