Dell first to offer 80 PLUS Gold power supply, the highest in energy efficiency

80plus_logo.gifDell wants to be the “greenest” tech company out there. With commitment to industry standards like EPEAT and ENERGY STAR in addition to their recycling initiatives and WEEE compliance, you might say they are well on their way.
This week brings an industry first for the company: an 80PLUS Gold power supply for servers. 80PLUS Gold is the highest rating for power supply energy efficiency. The standard requires 92 percent minimum efficiency for the power supply unit at 50 percent of rated output. What exactly does that mean? Not all of the electricity that a computer uses goes to power the computer; some is released as excess heat. To be 92 percent efficient means 92 percent of the energy that goes into the computer is actually used by the computer. More efficient power supplies cut down on the wasted excess heat.

Server efficiency is beneficial for businesses in a number of ways. Obvious are the positive environmental impacts: less energy wasted means fewer resources used and less power plant pollution. Another is reduced energy costs. You may not think the difference between 80 and 92 percent efficiency is significant, but when you are talking about a server farm with 100 computers, it adds up. Energy efficient power supplies are also easier on computers. Less heat output means less wear and tear, making them more reliable. This means fewer service calls and lower total cost of ownership.
Love them or hate them, when a company commits to nearly every major environmental standard, you’ve got to give them credit.

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