Going Green through Wiser Investing: Spring 2008 GreenMoney Issue

green.jpgUnprecedented opportunities for capital investments in green companies and technologies exist in a range of global economies. ‘Socially Responsible Investment’ is monitored and reported on through the Trends Report from the Social Investment Forum biennially and now, the 2008 Spring GreenMoney Journal expands our knowledge about these opportunities and trends. The Spring edition, the second most recent publication from GreenMoney, examines the ‘greening’ of the global economy and elucidates the broad range of new possibilities in sustainable investments for private and institutional investors as well as for pension plans, university endowments, foundations and mutual funds.
The Spring GreenMoney 2008 publication asks and answers, ¬¥Could the Greening of America actually be happening?, and ¬¥Is there a way to enjoy growth and prosperity…and save our planet too?’

More specifically, the spring 2008 issue offers key coverage of the SRI Trends Report from the Social Investment Forum, Joe Keefe of Pax World Funds further develops his series on Socially Responsible Investment and 10 new green mutual funds are examined in detail. As well as this, the latest in shareholder advocacy is reported on by Walden Asset Management and Al Gore´s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech regarding a sustainable future is covered.
At greenmoney.com further information on SRI research can be found as well as information on sustainability-focused issues. A range of interesting topics are covered like the most recent on The Organic Marketplace. Helpfully, there is a calendar of conferences and events for the following year on green and sustainability issues, including the Triple Bottom Line Investing Asia conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Overall, the website and latest editions of GreenMoney offers extremely useful, up-to-date and appropriately critical reflections on sustainability and investment matters; it is highly recommended to the conscious investor and consumer alike.

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  1. The financial crisis has really publicized some of the worst practices on Wall Street, many of which socially conscious investors have worked to remedy over the years. It’s good to see the global financial crisis take center stage during the SRI in the Rockies’ responsible investment industry conference with the belief that a more socially responsible approach to investing can – and should – play a role in helping to transform the investing world. Here is their link for those interested in learning more on this event: http://www.SRIintheRockies.com

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