Icerocks: Hermetically packaged ice cubes. This must be a joke.

As many consumers continue to question the impact of their bottled water guilty pleasures, somehow a company called the Water Bank of America is producing packaged water, “made from spring water drawn from the Vend√©e Region of France in the Massif Central.” Check out their website, complete with pictures of b-list celebrities and Ferraris, an unfinished foundation page, and soothing music.
The company’s latest news page hasn’t been updated for a year. Perhaps if this post finds its way to Digg, the website will be taken offline permanently, spending any last pennies left in the company’s bank account. And a shame that would be, as they’d never have the chance to reveal what on Earth they could have possibly meant by their catch phrase “think blue, be green,” and how it possibly relates to plastic wrapped water cubes.

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