James Hansen: Oil Company CEOs Are Criminals Against Humanity

hansen.jpg James Hansen released an alarming statement this week on the twentieth anniversary of his first testimony to Congress on global warming. In it, the renowned climate scientist says that the conclusions of the global scientific consensus “have a certainty exceeding 99 percent.”
The thrust of the statement consists of an urgent call for renewable energy mobilization. He argues that, “A path yielding energy independence and a healthier environment is, barely, still possible.” To help us along this path, Hansen calls for several immediate steps – including charging CEOs of fossil energy companies with high crimes against humanity.

In addition, Hansen believes that we need a serious citizen-led movement to prod our politicians to action. This movement should have the following aims:
1. A moratorium on new coal-fired plants.
2. A carbon tax with a 100% dividend to wean fossil fuel usage.
3. Low-carbon, high-efficiency products.
4. National low-loss electric grid to allow for dispersed renewable energy.
5. Government changes in utility regulation so that profits depend on efficiency increases.
6. An increase in building code and vehicle efficiency requirements.
When it comes to understanding how power works in our current administration, Hansen does not mince his words. He says, “The fossil-industry maintains its strangle-hold on Washington via demagoguery.” Nonetheless, Hansen maintains that, “Democracy works, but sometimes churns slowly. Time is short..” The next election is crucial for getting this country on a clean energy track.
And if it takes putting some oil-mongers behind bars before they scour what’s left of the planet in the name of profit, then Hansen is all for it.

Shannon Arvizu, Ph.D., is a clean tech educator and cutting-edge consultant for the auto industry. You can follow her test drives in the cars of the future at www.misselectric.com.

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  1. AGW has “jumped the shark” from science to activism with confidence and vigor. The good news is that the scientists that were compelled to join the chorus of “the end is nigh” will be able to slowly back away from Hansen and his fellow activists while they dial up the crazy.

  2. Dr. Hansen ws correct 20 years ago and the government of the United States has squandered its only chance to stave off the worst effects, the effects which Dr. Hansen foretold.
    James Hansen is a hero with the truth on his side. He only became an activist when policymakers ignored him to such an extent that Americans began dying from climate change. Remember Katrina?

  3. Strange no one has bothered to actually go back and look at the predictions Hansen made in his 1988 testimony?
    The last page of his prepared remarks had a historical time-series of global mean temperature through 1987, plus predictions for various scenarios through 2019.
    Well, we have 20 more years of data now – how do his predictions look so far? Wildly wrong.
    Check it out – all the data here:

  4. the price of a gallon of gas has more than doubled in 7 year’s from $1.46 in 2001 to $3.95 in 2008. I might also add that this is in the state of south carolina, the least taxed gasoline in the country. many people look to point a finger a Bush, but i can’t say that he is entirly to blame. the real villians in this country are the big whig executives of oil companies like exxon. i think that the gov. should regulate these prices, and the power of the executives should be unrationally limited. My very personal opinion of the executives who boost the oil prices and then hide behind the gov. and use the middle eastern turmoil as an excuse for high prices should be eliminated with extreme prejudice. Because the power to regulate the price of oil would be better off in the hands of a numbskull like G.W.Bush
    The Harsh Voice of Reason

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