Zero Emissions Hondas on their way to So Cal

hondaFCXClarity.jpg Actress Jaime Lee Curtis and her director-husband Christopher Guest are among the first five people in the U.S. chosen to take delivery of Honda’s hydrogen-powered zero-emissions FCX Clarity. All reside in southern California, one of the only areas of the country where some filling stations exist.
Weighing in at 3,600 pounds, the zero-emissions auto has a range of 270 miles per single fill-up – about 74 miles per gallon – and a max speed of 100 mph. In addition to not producing any greenhouse gas emissions, the Clarity is twice as efficient as a gas-electric hybrid and three times more efficient than a standard gasoline-powered car, according to a company news release.
A lack of hydrogen filling stations is a big limiting factor limiting production and sales of hydrogen powered vehicles and was the primary criteria American Honda used to choose the first Clarity owners in the U.S..
Honda expects to lease a “few dozen” Clarity vehicles this year and around 200 within the next three. In California, a three-year lease will cost $600 a month, including maintenance and collision, according to this report by AP’s Tomoko A. Hosaka.

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