Silver Tips And Eco-Prima Tea Goes Carbon Neutral

Silver Tips, the New York gourmet tea company, has signed a deal with The deal follows in the wake of plenty of efforts to reduce the tea company’s carbon footprint.

Government Marketing of Organics – in the EU

Food Navigator, a European-focused food news site, reports that The European Union Commission has launched a marketing program aimed at building awareness of organic produce in young people. The main slogan of the program is: “Organic farming: Good for nature, good for you.” However, even with that slogan the commission insists it is not claiming … Continued

SF Cracks the Nut: Free Solar Within Reach!

By Tom Price Somebody better call Google and tell them their RE<C project may be already happening, albeit not the way they expected: a new rebate for renewable energy in San Francisco has now made the idea of clean energy cheaper that coal a reality, by making solar power essentially free. Earlier this summer, the … Continued

Algae Based Biofuels in Plain English: Why it Matters, How it Works.

Algae based biofuels. You’ve probably heard the term tossed around, and have maybe even said it in a sentence or two yourself. But have you ever really understood what it means, what the implications are, and on a basic level, how it works and if it has even the slightest chance to be a viable … Continued

The Big Business of Compost

If the word “compost” conjures up images of decaying food, bugs and the smell of rotting vegetables, keep reading. I used to be the same way, but I have come to embrace my green bin because not only is compost cool, it’s big business. A couple weeks ago I got the chance to visit the … Continued

10 Words or Less: Why Do You Think We Should End Oil Dependence?

Project Better Place is offering you a chance to make your own minifesto that explains why we should kick the oil habit. The enterprising electric vehicle company has already invited several influential people in the field to post their own version, including San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. Check them out and add yours here. The … Continued

Greenwashing – An Advertising Professional’s Insights

A recent column in Adweek addressing greenwashing in the advertising industry warns that if new regulations are being implemented to curb greenwashing this would negatively affect innovation in the industry…

ClimatePULSE: Green Beijing?

This week we’ll take a quick look at one of the summer’s biggest events – the Summer Olympics in Beijing. Now less than two weeks away, the Olympics will bring approximately 10,500 athletes from over 200 nations to Beijing to compete in over 300 events (which take place at over 30 different venues). While the … Continued

Capturing All That Wasted Heat

A seemingly never-ending supply of cheap oil has fostered a culture of energy waste in the U.S., one that is in urgent need of change, asserts Clearlight Foundation founder Thomas Blakeslee, who advocates revising regulations and encouraging the use CHP, co-generation, waste heat generation and solar thermal collectors across the U.S. energy landscape.