Closing the Efficiency Loop: Agilewaves and Crestron Partnership Integrates Resource Feedback and Control

Agilewaves partners with Crestron Control Systems

Triple Pundit first looked at the Agilewaves Resource Monitor last month in my post Knowledge is Power – Conservation Through Information.

 To recap, the Resource Monitor works on the concept that efficiency is, as Agilewaves VP Collin Breakstone puts it, a resource. One that is available to us in abundance, right Crestron automation partners with Agilewaves Resource Monitorhere, right now, not merely a “sign of personal virtue” providing no basis for energy policy (we see the results of Mr. Cheney’s abysmal ideas on energy policy all around us). In our current energy economy, efficiency is as much a resource as a gallon of water, a barrel of oil, or a kilowatt of electricity.

The key to accessing the full potential of this resource is information. Research consistently shows that information feedback alone accounts for a nominal 10 to 15% reduction in energy consumption through behavioral change.

Resource monitor tracks all resource consumptionThe Resource Monitor provides that essential feedback link by providing real time information of residential or commercial building resource consumption. Users are able to set threshold limits in terms of dollars, gallons, kilowatts, or even carbon. The user monitors consumption using a touchscreen interface, secure web page, or phone. Once any thresholds are reached the Resource Monitor notifies the user via an email or text message alert. Based on the real time information and threshold alerts from the Resource Monitor users are able to identify modifications necessary to reduce resource consumption.

But how to take that 10 or 15% (or more) from feedback alone and drive it further? How to make even better use of that resource efficiency?

Agilewaves and Crestron are today announcing the answer to that question.

Integrity: The Quality of the WholeThe touchscreen control panel provides full integration“Integration” is derived from “integrity”. Fully utilizing efficiency integrity thus comes from an integration of information and action.

Until now, the Agilewaves Resource Monitor depended on users to act on the information it provided to effect reductions in resource consumption. The system still relied on consistent human action to achieve a “whole” solution.

In a partnership with Crestron Control Systems, Agilewaves brings a full measure of integrity to the concept of efficiency by means of integration.

Closing the Loop: Feedback and Control

With this native integration, thresholds initially set in the Agilewaves Resource Monitor by users are now directly acted upon by the Crestron control system. Through active, direct, and seamless communication between the two systems, set parameters – a total “resource footprint” – is maintained integrally within the system. Messages, alerts, and updates from the resource monitor are instantly acted upon by the automation system. Users can set these parameters in a variety of ways, even setting a maximum carbon threshold to minimize emissions created from energy consumption.

The good intentions of users are automatically programmed into the system and the loop is closed between feedback and control, removed from the frailties of relying on constant human interaction.

Today Miller Design, Tomorrow…

Miller Design CompanyThe first integrated installation of the Agilewaves Resource Monitor and Crestron control system is up and running at Miller Design Company, in Woodside, California.

Miller Design is now able to track utility use in real time while simultaneously controlling climate, lighting, and entertainment systems, keeping all resource use within predetermined limits, and making it not only a “smart” building, but a truly efficient one as well.

With the recently adopted green building codes, set to take effect in California by 2010, mandating a 20% increase in water use efficiency and 15% reduction in energy consumption, contractors, electricians, and integrators will find the Agilewaves/Crestron system a vital tool in achieving these goals. As more states and communities turn to efficiency to reduce costs and energy consumption, this “mining of efficiency” can become a mainstream solution.

The “Efficiency” Economy

In my original article I tried to stress not so much the widget, but the concept behind the Agile Waves Resource Monitor (though there is no doubt the widget is totally cool).

I spoke again last week with Collin and also with Agilewaves CTO David Brock, system architect for the Resource Monitor. In our discussion I was again reminded of the motivating force behind the work Agilewaves does. Together with Crestron, their innovative vision drives the concept that efficiency is a key element toward creating a new energy economy, upon which will rest a society built of integrity. Whole and sustainable.

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