Silver Tips And Eco-Prima Tea Goes Carbon Neutral

tea.jpgNew York regulars at Silver Tips Tearoom and buyers of Eco-Prima Tea are from now on purchasing products that are fully carbon neutral. Silver Tips, which sells over 150 kinds of teas online and runs a Tearoom in Tarrytown, signed a partnership with recently which completed its process of reducing its carbon footprint to zero.
The tea company is a brilliantly transparent example of how a regular business turns carbon neutral. The company, which runs a wholesale operation -Eco Prima Tea- since 1995 and opened a gourmet tea store four years later, has long been actively trying to reduce its carbon footprint.

The main efforts Silver Tips has made until now has centered around sourcing eco friendly materials and making sure that take out and disposable materials are kept to a minimum. Customers buying take out teas are served the drink in compostable take-out cups and glasses and recycled bags. The tearoom does not serve bottled water and uses reusable dishware. Lights have been converted to energy-efficient bulbs. And recently, Silver Tips switched its tearoom’s energy usage to 100% green power (a combination of wind and low-impact hydro-energy).
The process at Eco-Prima Tea was similar to the one in the Tearoom. The wholesale outfit uses recycled cartons and packaging material, including biodegradable packing peanuts. Eco-Prima seeks out green printers and, whenever possible, prints on post-consumer recycled paper with soy ink. The company is certified Organic and Fair Trade and the US partner of Makaibari Tea Estates in Darjeeling, India.
The recently signed partnership with completes the company’s drive to fully offset its carbon impact. “[The partnership is] offsetting the carbon impact that the companies cannot reduce”, Silver Tips said.
“Climate change affects everybody, and it is everybody’s responsibility to lend a hand to combat this global issue,” said Anupa Mueller, President of Eco-Prima and Silver Tips Tea.
As a company with a platform to encourage our customers to join in, we feel compelled to try to do more. We ask our customers to go green with us and with,” she added.
Eco-Prima/Silver Tips Tea chose over other organizations doing work in similar areas because of its excellent reputation in the industry. Carbonfund was also chosen because it provided multiple choices.

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