Appreciate Those Bottom Feeders for More Sustainable Fisheries

We don’t eat lions, tigers or bears for protein, so we shouldn’t eat shark, tuna or swordfish either. We need to be eating further down the ocean food chain if we want an ocean food chain from which to eat in the future. Those are statements from Paul Johnson made on a panel during Changemaker’s … Continued

Recycled vegetable oil: Key to the Highway?

While the debate over sustainable biofuels continues to rage on and the amount of research opinions and papers on the topic continues to soar an underground “grease car” movement continues to grow. Enthusiasts recently completed a “Grease to Greece” recycled veggie oil vehicle rally was recently completed in Europe, but the movement has yet to really catch on despite its great potential.

Weekly Wrap up of Green Business Online

As part of a new effort to reach out to our friends across the Green Business Blogosphere, this is the first installment of our weekly Friday wrap of interesting things we’ve found this past week on. Follow the links to find out more and join the conversation below this post. We’re all in this together! … Continued

The NYC Ice Cream Truck That’s Redefining Ice Cream

Picture a hot summer afternoon. Neighborhood kids running in slow motion around a New York City block, the corner fire hydrant shooting out an elegant geyser into the air. All of a sudden of “The Entertainer” sounds from a distance, paralyzing every child within earshot with the prospect of the ultimate summer respite – ice … Continued

The Water Footprint: Obey Your Thirst

We’ve all heard of the carbon footprint, and many of us have heard of the ecological footprint, but the water footprint is less well known. Just as it sounds, the water footprint is defined as the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by an individual, business or … Continued

Pulstar’s Pulse Plugs: Increasing fuel economy?

The print advertisement for Pulstar pulse plugs claims they are “an alternative to spark plugs that are scientifically proven to improve your car’s fuel economy.” Pulstar’s website states that the pulse plugs represent “the technological advancement in spark plug design in the past 100 years.” Rather big claims for a product that costs $25 a … Continued

Is IBM Greenwashing the US Open?

IBM made a respectable but surprising move when it sold off its PC hardware business in 2004 to focus on higher margin services such as consulting. In July, the information technology company even added corporate social responsibility (CSR) to its consulting services lineup. Yet, for a company that is endeavoring to help its clients understand … Continued

Top 5 Green Marketing Events

Top Five green marketing events. If you´re a seasoned green marketing professional and would like to meet up with other pros, check out this top five of green marketing events around the globe.

Civic Honda

It’s as simple as the name of the company’s diminutive, inexpensive yet iconic product, the Civic. Honda Motor Company has built a world-beating business rooted in a straightforward social commitment. As Tetsuo Iwamura, president of Honda North America puts it, “. . . We want to make Honda the company that society wants to exist.” … Continued

Simplifying Solar Shopping – RoofRay

Have you looked at your energy bill lately? Felt the pain at the pump? Has solar been on your mind as a way to decrease and stabilize your business or home energy cost? You’re not alone. However, translating desire for renewable into action has for the most part been a fairly technical endeavor, fraught with … Continued