Blackspot – The Anti Label That Won’t Tolerate Greenwashing

blackspot.jpgGot a contrary eco product that needs branding/labeling? Why not try using an anti label? It’s free to use and you’ll get your marketing done via 100% open source principles.
The anti label is called Blackspot and anyone can use the logo; a black spot. Products you sell are not only branded under the world’s first truly open source label, but they’re also joining a product portfolio that’s almost 100% eco friendly/low on carbon output.
The people behind the Blackspot label are the organizers of the ever growing annual global BuyNothingDay at They represent a radical, no-compromise experiment, a total rethinking of capitalism from the ground up. People selling a Blackspot product tend not to talk of customers or clients but of ‚Äòparticipants shaping the social enterprise’.
The organization offers great tips for practically marketing your stuff. Blackspotters are offering their wares to the big players in Jujitsu style.

The concept works. A few big names/companies have been enamored with the Blackspot anti label. One example is the Canadian designer John Fluevog – a hit in the US- who’s designed a Blackspot Sneaker and a Blackspot Boot. Neither looks bad and neither impacts the environment by much more than your literal footprint; both shoes are produced in a Portuguese union factory. Material is 100% organic hemp, 70% biodegradable rubber and the soles of the shoes are made from recycled car tyres. The shoes are also vegan certified. Price is 100 bucks (Canadian) which includes postage. In the UK, they’re available in four independent shops.
In short, the shoes only literally contribute to your carbon footprint. What more can a customer, eh, participant, ask for?
Entrepreneurs joining the operation will find that their fellow Blackspotters are a loose alliance comprising a few thousand other entrepreneurs. “For years the old pattern went on. People were jaded by corporate control of so much of their lives, but couldn’t see how they might take some power back. We decided to launch a counterattack”, the inventors say on their website. The profits made by Blackspot are funneled to Adbusters, which organizes many events to support the rise of ecofriendly economics at universities.

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