Dell Receives EPEAT Gold on New Hybrid Line

dell-logo.pngIn its race for the green tech gold medal (sorry, I’m not supposed to use Olympics references anymore), Dell has just received the EPEAT Gold standard for its new Studio Hybrid line. The Hybrid is the first consumer level desktop to meet the gold standard. The computers are 80% smaller than standard desktops, ENERGY STAR compliant, use 75% less printed documentation, and use packaging comprised of 95% recycled material.
EPEAT makes it easy for people to measure the “greenness” of various electronics. You might think of it as LEED for electronics. Products are rated by number of satisfied required and optional criteria. Categories include packaging, reduction of environmentally sensitive materials, energy efficiency, and labeling of plastics for recycling. Just about every major manufacturer has their computers rated and a complete list is available on the EPEAT site. The gold standard is the most rigorous rating and Dell, as they are quick to point out, has more EPEAT Gold computers than any other.
It’s obvious that Dell is serious about environmental protection, though their claims of carbon neutrality are somewhat sticky. They were the first to introduce an 80 PLUS Gold power supply. Their headquarters are powered entirely with renewable energy. Plus, they offer free recycling for any Dell product in the US, Europe, China, and many, many other parts of the world.
Although they might need to work on packaging…

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