Green Building’s Product Directory Is Available Next December

greenbuilding.jpgEnvironmental Building News has published a directory with products for the residential green building market. The directory is targeted specifically at homeowners and home builders and includes over 1,400 products from the GreenSpec® database which the company’s internal editors have maintained since 1998.
Products listed in the directory are selected for GreenSpec based on specific criteria including recycled content, FSC-certified wood, avoidance of toxic constituents, reduction of construction impacts, energy or water savings, and contributing to a safe, healthy indoor environment.
Manufacturers do not pay to get their products or name listed in Green Building Products directory, which means that you’ll get unbiased information. “We base selections on careful in-house review by our editorial staff,” the company says. Details on the product selection process and the full list of criteria for inclusion can be found at the company’s website.
Green Building Products includes everything you can associate with building a house. Items range from pre-cast concrete foundation systems to recycled-plastic roofing shingles or top-efficiency heating equipment. Photos of around 300 products are included. Green Building Products is published with New Society Publishers and is priced at $34.95. It’s available next December at selected booksellers and can be ordered on the company’s website too.

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