Native Energy Inc. Partners with DNCC on the “Green Delegate Challenge” at Democratic Convention

Native Energy partners with the DNCC to provide community-based offsets for the Today marks the beginning of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The DNCC plans to make this convention, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi puts it,

“…the greenest, most sustainable, most successful political convention in history.”

As part of that plan organizers are implementing the “Green Delegate Challenge”, an incentive to encourage delegations to commit to offsetting their carbon footprint from attending the convention.

The delegation (or delegations) with the highest percentage of delegates offsetting their carbon get fun and (and presumably green) prizes and special recognition on the convention floor. Of course the point of the challenge isn’t winning a prize or a special mention, but to encourage awareness and action from delegates to reduce their carbon footprint.

To help in that effort Native Energy Inc. has partnered with the DNCC to provide offsets for several domestic, community-based alternative energy projects.

A Blend of Community Projects

Vermont-based Native Energy has earned a reputation in recent years for supporting Native American, farmer-owned and community-based renewable energy projects with social, economic and environmental benefits. That’s what we like here at TriplePundit, a triple bottom line. 

Some of those projects include helping to raise funds for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Wind Turbine and working in partnership with the Inter-tribal Council on Utility Policy.

Offsets purchased through the Green Delegate Challenge will support a blend of specific projects:

And so the challenge is on. The more delegates that commit to offsetting their hot air, er… carbon footprint at the convention, the more support these projects will receive through Native Energy.

Let the games begin!

Note: While I’m not always accused of being overly “bipartisan” in my viewpoints, the Republicans are touting their green credentials as well for their convention in St. Paul next week. Get the skinny from the GOP’s “Green Fact Sheet” (pdf).


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  1. LOL! I have to admit that I focused on the Dems for this piece (it’s their week after all) and was only able to quickly find the pdf for whatever “balance” there was. I hear the GOP will remain more “low key” about their green efforts, such as they are.
    Don’t wanna upset the constituency perhaps?

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