Smart Lighting Set to Shine at Olympic Village in Beijing

echelon_olympics_sm.jpg Olympic Games have traditionally been a platform for much more than athletic prowess and national pride- and that’s certainly the case with this year’s Summer Games in Beijing.
Making this year’s Summer Games a “Green Olympics” has been a priority for the Chinese government. Part of the plan is the installation of a smart lighting network control system at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Village, which some 23,000 athletes and team officials will call home for the duration of their stay.

Shing the Lights at Olympic Village
The largest non-competitive venue at the Beijing Games, the Olympic Village has more than 370,000 square meters of apartment space, including 22 six-floor apartment and 20 nine-floor buildings and facilities such as general information centers, meeting rooms, medical clinics, religious centers, restaurants, a library, parking areas and entertainment and leisure centers.
Looking to conserve electricity and better manage all the lighting that will illuminate all these facilities, the Chinese government’s contractor Lang Meng Technology, Inc. has turned to a smart lighting network control system from U.S.-based Echelon Corp.
Based on the Lonmark International industry association’s LonWorks platform, Echelon’s LNS network management software was used to design and install the network while its i.LON Internet servers automatically turn lights on or off based on pre-programmed scheduling funcitons.
The benefits of Lonmark and LonWorks’ open standards, vendor and product development model were apparent in the choice and carrying out of the project. The smart lighting system integrates lighting sub-systems for the apartments, public areas, car parks and all landscape and beautification lighting.
Nico Technology provided Lonworks- enabled power controllers and analog input modules that control the system. Echelon’s i.LON servers interface with Advantech Industrial Automation Group’s WebAccess HMI, which is used to monitor and control the system from a property management center.
“There are vast numbers of devices scattered across a large area, serving the many needs of the Village, from beautification to safety to energy efficiency…Because the LonWorks products from our various suppliers integrate easily we were able to install and configure the project in less than two months, helping to ensure that the Olympic Village will open on schedule,” commented Vincent Wang, Lang Meng Technology’s general manager.
Success at the Olympic Games may propel greater use of such smart lighting systems in China. “Beijing is making substantial, if not historic, efforts to produce the first ‘green Games’ that impact not only the Olympic venues, but the entire country,” Anders Axelsson, Echelon’s senior vice president of marketing stated in a media release.
“The Olympic Village is essentially a city within a city and a great example of how Echelon and its partners can bring solutions that can enhance the quality of life in a city while at the same time making it more energy efficient.”

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