Top 5 Green Marketing Events

networking.jpgSo you’re involved in green marketing or in greening up your company¬¥s marketing efforts. Online advice is all at hand. But where to go if you want to meet like minded buddies face to face? Check out this top five green business marketing events.
1) Net Impact. Net Impact is an organization of over 10,000 business experts, aiming to make a positive impact on society through business. The organization´s events calendar offers a wide choice of events ranging from corporate social responsibility, international development, nonprofit management, business ethics, social entrepreneurship, socially responsible investing and environmental sustainability.
2) This platform connects organizations with people. It’s where you find what’s going on in thousands of environment organizations. Plenty of events and networking opportunities for seasoned professionals. Great for locating opportunities or supporters for everything that leads toward a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives. Sponsored by Google, Monster, Visa, Aladdin, the organization was originally created by Action Without Borders, the New York city non profit.
3) Ethical Junction. UK based organization that brings together ethical businesses and ethical consumers. Pulse, its news forum, is the source of up to date information on events as well as opinions and comment. Organizes regular meetings in locations all over the UK.
4) Eco Tuesday. News sustainable business leaders networking forum. Focuses on network opportunities for sustainable business leaders. EcoTuesday meetings feature innovative speakers who discuss current issues. Held on the last Tuesday of every month and if there’s no Eco Tuesday in your town, you can become an ambassador to set one up.
5) Green Drinks. The group´s organizers say GreenDrinks is an organic, self organizing network of monthly meetings. That´s likely true. Monthly GreenDrinks venues now total over 320 bars around the globe. If there´s no GreenDrinks in your home town just contact the organizers for tips on how you can set one up. Anyone can come, there´s no agenda but plenty of networking potential.

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  1. What about Sustainable Brands, which I’d automatically assume is the leading conference for marketing sustainability? Also, Planet Green is also putting on the (new) Good and Green marketing conference this year. Other leading conferences… BSR, Ceres, put on for sustainability/CSR professionals and executives, often the people who are asked to speak at Net Impact’s conference.

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