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green-biz.gifAs part of a new effort to reach out to our friends over at GreenBiz.com, this is the first installment of our weekly Friday wrap of interesting things we’ve found this past week on GreenBiz. Follow the links to find out more and join the conversation below this post. We’re all in this together!
gb1.jpgSoCal Edison, PG&E Make Big Alternative Energy Commitments
And we mean big. SoCal Edison and PG&E, the two largest public utilities in California, annuonced comittments to develop nearly two gigawatts of wind and solar energy.
gb2.jpgPECO Launches Drive to Be More Environmentally Friendly
Hey, it isn’t just happening in California. The Philadelphia-based electric and natural gas utility has announced a five-year, $15.3 million plan to implement more envirornmental friendly pratices at their facilities, including efficiency measures, wind energy purchases, and seeking LEED certification for several of the utilities existing buildings.
gb3.jpgNeenah Paper to Power Largest Mill With Waste
One man’s waste is another man’s source of power. The Alpharetta, Georgia maker of premium and speciatly papers is contracting with Vision Power to build a biomass system to power its largest paper mill with wood and fiber waste. The system should be completed and in operation by next year.

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