Greening Nano Technology

Greening nano technology? Take your cue from nature itself! Check out how green gold particles are made.

The Promise Of Green Jobs In Hard Numbers

The UNEP got a few global worker associations together and commissioned an in depth study into the real promise of the green jobs sector. If you want a clear insight into what’s happening where, check out this study.

ClimatePULSE: The Government Can Still Help the Carbon Market

In wake of yesterday’s disapproval of the financial rescue package, ClimatePULSE will take a look at the status of the carbon market and how it is affected by the financial services sector. Although carbon and stock trading do not occur side-by-side, they certainly interact and influence one another through various connections. In many ways, the … Continued

Reduce Supply Chain costs with Reusable Packaging

Reusable packaging companies have been around for while, but with more and more companies concerned about climate change, reusable packaging appeal is growing throughout the U.S. Reusable plastic containers are now used at companies like Pepsi, Walmart, Safeway, Ghirardelli Chocolates and John Deere to protect and transport everything from tractors to fresh vegetables with great … Continued

How Green Is Your College?

Last week, the Sustainable Endowments Institute released its 2009 Green Report Card. As GreenBiz reports, it compiles the green and not-so-green aspects of 300 colleges and universities through the United States and Canada. The Report Card was designed to identify those schools that are leading by example through their commitment to sustainability initiatives on campus. … Continued

Wave of Policies to Increase Demand for Green Building

Thousands of home-owners and business-owners swarmed the convention center floor at West Coast Green this past weekend, fawning over the energy-efficient windows, lighting, textiles, and home performance specialists that would help them save money through energy efficiency in their homes, offices, and warehouses. The vendors there knew that they were not just delivering a trendy … Continued

Up Close and Personal with Green Cars

Last Friday, Triple Pundit was invited to attend a unique event in the green car field. Consumer Reports brought together major automakers, entrepreneurial companies, and other electric vehicle innovators to display their latest clean technology vehicles to both print and online journalists. I had the opportunity to test some of these future cars on the … Continued

Sustainable Agriculture in practice: Reconnecting the dots along our food chain

With growing numbers of producers and consumers looking to re-connect and find healthier, more sustainable and ecologically beneficial ways of producing and consuming food, goings-on at the Whitten Ranch high up in Colorado’s San Luis Valley can serve as a valuable case study of family ranches and farms, the growing sustainable agriculture movement and the application of the triple bottom line principles.

The Next Bull’s Green

Now that Wall Street is a heavily sick patient and in need of a trillion dollar bailout, would it make sense to talk about the next bull market? The answer might be positive, considering the fact that the next money spinner might be colored bright green.

West Coast Green: IDEO’s Approach to the Demand Side of Sustainability

Where does innovation take us now that words like green, organic, recyclable, locally-sourced are flying around? Is it enough for businesses to simply cut costs to improve efficiency? IDEO says it’s not enough and companies need to look at how to improve demand for innovative products by looking at individuals to understand their needs better … Continued

Schwarzenegger on Global Warming: “Washington is Asleep at the Wheel”

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took the stage today in San Francisco at a Commonwealth Club event to celebrate the state’s success in its global warming fighting leadership. If it wasn’t obvious that the bodybuilder-turned-superstar actor-turned-governor wasn’t the typical politician, it was as he was received with a standing ovation as a Republican in one of … Continued

A Look at Mexico’s Fight Against Climate Change

Mexico is emerging as a fascinating climate change case study. Four years ago, the Mexican government asked companies to voluntarily report their emissions using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The GGP offers a metric for tracking and managing greenhouse gas emissions. Intended for both public and private use, it was developed by the World Resources Institute … Continued