HP Selling Notebook in its Own Messenger Bag

hp-bag.jpgHow do you reduce packaging when selling a laptop? Ship it in a messenger bag made of 100% recycled materials with all the accessories included. For its Pavilion dv6929, HP has reduced 97% of the cardboard and plastic traditionally used in packaging by doing just that.
With the laptop, HP won Walmart’s Home Entertainment Design Challenge, a competition among electronics manufacturers focused on reducing the environmental impact of their products. The $798 laptop is sold exclusively in Walmart and Sam’s Club retail locations. Customers are also able to bring in their old computer to the store and have it recycled free of charge.

In light of such a progressive packaging idea, it’s easy to forget that HP made press earlier this year for shipping 32 pages of paper in 17 boxes. Dell was quick to point out the blunder, especially after being criticized for shipping items in disproportionately large boxes. Quibbles aside, the focus on packaging is important and it’s great to see a company taking action.
The next step would be to extend the packaging model to more of their notebooks and sell in more places than just Walmart, though the success of the notebook will mostly likely determine whether either of these happen.

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