Solar Telecom: Carmanah wins North African contract

solarPV-Telus_old_fortmtn.jpg Illustrative of a growing trend in renewable energy systems, Vancouver’s Carmanah Technologies Corp. on Sept. 12 announced that it had received a million dollar order from French telecom provider Twist to supply solar power systems for a telecommunications project in an unnamed North African country.
Brought into the project by Solergitech, its regional distributor, Carmanah’s off-grid, stand-alone solar power systems will be used to power a network of telecommunications towers in remote locations. Each telecom tower is to be equipped with a fully integrated solar power system that includes solar modules, controllers and batteries suitable for use in remote locations and exposed to harsh environmental conditions, that include one bane of solar panels – dust and grime.
The deal may turn out to be worth as much as $6 million to Carmanah over three years. And it’s a positive sign for the company as it seeks to expand its business internationally.
“As Carmanah extends its offerings throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we’re finding a great interest in our stand-alone solar power systems for all types of communications applications,” company CEO Ted Lattimore, stated in a media release.
“Considering the remote locations of many of these installations, it’s easy to see the appeal. A solar power system is durable, reliable and convenient; just install it wherever you need power — with solar, there’s no need to worry about grid access, fuel deliveries or generator maintenance.”

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