Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

Kraft Turns Cheese Waste into EnergyKraft Turns Cheese Waste into Energy
Everybody loves cheese. And here’s one more reason: Natural gas purchases for two Kraft plants in New York will soon by reduced by one third through a process that produces energy from used whey. The company will also reduce costs and carbon emissions by avoiding the need to haul the waste away.

GM Unveils Chevy VoltGM Gives a Sneak Peak at the Chevy Volt
An “extended range electric vehicle”, the Volt’s lithium-ion battery provides a top range of 40 miles before a small gas engine kicks in to extend its range to an estimated 360 miles. Top speed is 120 miles per hour. You can’t get one yet – hopefully by 2010 – but you can let GM know you’re waiting and interested.

New Bosch Rexroth Website Drives Sustainable ManufacturingNew Bosch Rexroth Website Drives Sustainable Manufacturing
Bosch Rexroth has launched a website to help drive sustainable manufacturing in the machine automation industry. The company plans to use the website to communicate initiatives aimed at improving the environment and green manufacturing. The site will also highlight products Bosch Rexroth has developed that utilize alternative energy sources.

Employers paying for low carbon commutesDriving a Low Carbon Commute
The Portland, Oregon law firm where Barnes Ellis has worked since 1963 has helped him break a bad habit. Ellis now uses mass transit for his ten mile commute instead of driving. It’s free for Ellis; for the law firm, Stoel Rives, it’s a wise investment in employee retention and productivity. Oh, and it’s great for the environment. Stoel Rives is just one of a growing number of companies realizing what a great idea this is. It’s the triple bottom line, before you even get to work.

Kettle Foods LEED Gold Plant Sees 20% in Energy SavingsKettle Foods LEED Gold Plant Sees 20% in Energy Savings
Last October Kettle foods opened a LEED Gold certified manufacturing plant. In its first year of operation, the plant has reduced energy consumption 20%, reflecting a $110,000 savings in natural gas and $51,000 in electricity. Water reclamation has captured and reused 3.4 million gallons of water, saving the company another $34,000. Every month 2,300 gallons of waste oil is recycled and converted to biodiesel to power the company’s fleet of “BioBeetles”. I’ll stop here, I’m hungry for a bag of chips.

World Business Council for Sustainable DevelopmentUnited States, China, and Australia Discuss Energy Cooperation
The president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Bjorn Stigson, addressed a high level meeting of representatives from the U.S., China, and Australia on Thursday to discuss how best to cooperate on issues of energy security and cutting carbon emissions. Stigson said that world energy systems are on an increasingly unsustainable path. He called for a “global energy revolution”, saying that the next ten years are critical.

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