Who owns the image of the business person?

In September 2008 California College of the Arts, San Francisco, launched a groundbreaking Design Strategy MBA, the first of its kind in the country. The program has a sustainability emphasis.
Taught by Associate Professor Linda Yaven, Live Exchange (LiveE) is the foundational course on effective communication for Design MBA. At the intersection of design and business we find human centered research. LiveE takes a close look at the power of a conversation to build, rebuild, repair and regenerate trust.
Design dilemmas are often dilemmas of communication: certainly, many of our environmental concerns are caused or exacerbated by missing, unarticulated or poorly executed conversations. Or we grow accustomed to a lack of clarity in on-going communications.
We live at a time when those in fiercely competitive environments are being called to shift to collaborative mind-sets, become stewards of effective communication, open conversations we may have previously dismissed and speak for those without recourse to human speech.
LiveE takes a close look at the power of a conversation to build, rebuild, repair and regenerate trust. We experience self-renewal through our narratives and stories; certain kinds of conversations are curative.
The course branches out from the spoken word to visual thinking strategies and the power of shared visual mediums to generate meaning and sustain collaboration. Communication is viewed as a renewable eco-system of self, peer, customers, managers, stakeholders, materials, networks and vision.
As part of cultivating their voice in a variety of ways LiveE students will be writing a 500 word blog on an aspect of communication, creativity, design, sustainability and/or business of compelling interest to them.
With appreciations to Nick Aster for his inspiring invitation.
– Linda Yaven
Faculty, Live Exchange,
Design Strategy MBA
Linda Yaven is on faculty at California College of the Arts, San Francisco. She provides lively visual presentations on Curative Communication Strategies and Making Thinking Visible including at Harvard, The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and Innovation Immersion for Fortune 500. Linda is completing a documentary “Teach Us Something in 7 Minutes”.
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These articles were created as part of the course work for “Live Exchange” the foundational course on communication for The MBA Design Strategy Program at California College of the Arts. Read more about the project here.

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