3M Post-Its Make Some Greener Progress

post-it.jpgLike your 3M Post-it notes but are concerned about their impact on the environment?
Well so is 3M and starting in 2007 they started to provided eco-friendly versions of all their basic products called Post-it® Recycled Notes.
Is this green washing or real concern?
I suspect neither and both. Really I think it has to do with their bottom line and the growing chorus of folks that want green alternatives in the office. So the more we support items like a green Post-it the more will be sold and the more the idea will work itself into the fabric of 3M.
Also right now they only offer 30% postconsumer content. Come on 3M you can do better than that. Many of our other vendors selling a similar product do.
From the 3M website:

We are committed to designing and sourcing responsibly from an environmental standpoint. ALL Post-it® paper is sourced from paper mills that are certified for sustainable management practices. (Includes SFI and PEFC.) Our Post-it® Recycled Notes include a minimum of 30% postconsumer content and don’t forget – ALL Post-it® Notes are recyclable!

This is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of ProformaGreen, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy. John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.

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  1. 30%? If they call that green, I call it greenwashing. Also, Post-It notes are recyclable in theory, but anyone that has ever seen a recycling facility in action knows that the conveyor belt goes much too fast for one of the manual laborers to pick up such a tiny piece of paper. I guarantee that, unless it’s stuck to a much bigger piece of paper, it’ll end up in the landfill anyway.I hope that 3m reconsiders this “eco” product and makes it from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and not that grainy stuff. There is no reason why they can’t make it look like their regular product. And while they are at it, why not phase out the regular product and just make it all from 100% recycled paper?

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