Get Your Green Jacket – e.c.o Fleece from Ash City

ash-city.jpgThis is a guest post by John Simonetta, owner of Proforma Green, an eco-friendly promotional items consultancy. John’s blogs are designed to keep us up to date on the “greening” of his industry.
A funny thing happened on the way to this post.
I wanted to write about the new line of e.c.o fleece items from Ash City – they use a fabric that is 75% recycled polyester/25% polyester.
These items are great for any eco-tourism or resort operating in a cold weather area, for eco-friendly landscaping work crews, maybe even as a resell item for a farmers market come the holiday season.

When I started to write this blog Ash City had four e.c.o fleece products on their website
In the middle of my writing this weekend Ash City decided to update their site and now they are listing nine items including a new coat, vest, mittens and recycled fleece scarf.
How is that for product introduction?
You might recall Chris Clark’s statement from our convention that Ash City is reaching for 50% of their line to be green by 2010. Well I think they are serious.
If you would like more information on e.c.o fleece – basically fleece from water bottles – check out Ash City on the web or take a look at our offerings at

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