Opinion: Why we need social and environmental entrepreneurship

If there are two problems that I can’t stand, it is the environmental crisis and human crisis that many are facing worldwide on so many complex levels. It affects everyone spanning North America, South America to Asia. That is why we as individuals and businesses are more responsible as ever for doing what we can to drive change in ways that may not have been thought possible.
Recently, I went up to Redwood Shores Cinemas to see a “rockumentary” that was being considered by the UN, titled “Call + Response.” (Find the movie in your area here.)
I will argue that art can inspire business ideas. In other words, if you’re not familiar with any of these issues and you are an entrepreneur looking for a cause or a new problem to solve, this movie could be one springboard for you. (It hasn’t been too long ago since the SoCap08 Conference.)

We need solutions to one of the most massive and overwhelming problems out there. None of us would want these kinds of things to happen to our children. So, if you have a business that is attempting to address problems in human trafficking or unjust supply chain, I would like to know about it.
Of course, human trafficking is not a new issue. You can never be sure if the piece of clothing you are wearing was made by a slave who works in small, confined space and forced or coerced into labor. That’s why we need transparency in the supply chain, and clarity to truly run businesses that have triple the value and a strong, humane bottom line.
Imagine, if there was a small way to buy these children an education. Send them a tutor and buy their time so that they may open their eyes to more possibility. A strong education to become better critical thinkers and why not social and environmental stewards as well?
Here are a just a few links to known (non-profit) organizations that deal with these issues, listed as resources for potential entrepreneurs and if you know of others please add them:

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