The 3rd P Stands for People

Today is Blog Action Day! Bloggers all over the web are tackling the same issue: poverty. We thought it would be a great chance for us to focus on that 3rd “P” that so often gets left behind when we get caught up talking about environmental solutions. In case you missed them, here are some excerpts from the best People stories on 3P in the past few months:
3 Greatest Myths about Poverty

Paul Polak, founder of International Development Enterprises (IDE), who has helped raise 17 million people out of poverty, discusses the 3 greatest myths about ending world poverty:
1. We can donate people out of poverty;
2. We can end poverty through national economic growth; and
3. Multinationals as they are now will end poverty.
The Impact of Fair Trade Tea on Indian Farmers

Tea garden owners are already required to provide a “basic level of accommodation, healthcare and education for workers,” but the extra money from fair trade sales enables the workers to create social and productive programs, like computer classed. Many of these plantations are organic as well, meaning that the product is also good for the planet.
The Bees Knees: Honey for Social Change

Imagine ex-cons doffed in beekeeping garb. Sweet Beginnings is a social enterprise that truly encompasses the triple bottom line, employing formerly incarcerated men and women to run all aspects of the business, including carefully cultivating bees to create high end honey.
Cambodia’s Thriving Garment IndustryThe Cambodian garment industry was worth over 1 billion in 2001. 92.2% of the workers are women. While the pay is a mere $50/month, these women actually have far better protection than US workers, with 90 days maternity leave at half pay plus benefits, with the guarantee that they will only have to perform light work for two months after they return. Factories are required to set up day care centers for children 18 months to three years old, and give mothers breaks for breastfeeding for the first year of their children’s lives.
Nicaragua Shows the World How To Fund Socially Responsible Ventures

What if your business is too big to be helped much from a microloan, but not big enough or your ideas/skills developed enough to warrant the attention of large scale venture capital? Agora Partnerships in Nicaragua provides one great example of how to bridge that gap.

Jen Boynton

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