Tired Of Over-Consuming? Visit A Danish Shop That Sells You Nothing You Don’t Need

A-lack-of.jpgEver wanted to experience the emptiness of shopping for real? Visit FLOWmarket – it’s a real shop selling nothing you don’t really need. The concept originates in Denmark. The scarcity goods on offer in the shop all represent imbalances from the three flow dimension between the individual-the collective-the planet. That’s also the bottom line that keeps us busy here at Triple Pundit.

By taking the concept of consumerism to the extreme, the shop confronts consumers with the consequences of consumerism. The anti shop’s racks are jam packed with bottles, boxes and bags — all of them empty. This way, the shop’s designers say, nobody buys anything they don’t really need. The concept’s formula is designed so it achieves 100% on this intention.
Labels on the ‘scarcety goods’ on offer in its permanent retail outlet in Copenhagen are humoristic. Shop assistents seriously stack the shelves with the empty products, which are seriously selling like hot cakes. Commercial-free space, pollution dissolver and spam killers are priced at anything between 2 and 20 Euros. Customers come away thinking, that’s for sure.
The shop is a traveling event and also has a permanent outlet in Copenhagen. It has already been opened temporarily in the US in New York. It also has hit Shanghai (China), Taipei (Taiwan) and Zurich (Switzerland) and Seoul (South Korea).

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