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clean%20tech.pngWhat does the Economic Crisis Mean for Clean Tech? Eco-Geek covers the topic on everyone’s mind (besides the fact that you can’t afford to retire until 82). Yesterday, 3p’s Tom Schueneman found that it ain’t so bad

temecula-wine-tours.jpgWineries Going Green But You Just Don’t Know It… Vineyards worry that oenophiles too concerned with red or white to consider other colors.

sun.gifSF Mayor Challenges 1500 Businesses to Go Solar He’s just looking for a legacy to beat the Governator’s old Hydrogen Highway. But with 170 MwH up for grabs on the city’s roofs, we’ll take it.
google-3oct2001.gifGoogle Has the Answers as Usual Google.org offers up plan to move US off fossil fuels by 2030. It’s your usual solar, wind and geothermal. Google, please come clean my bathroom if you have so much free time.
hamburger.jpgHamburger Limits Needed to Combat Climate Change Limiting ourselves to a mere three hamburgers a week was deemed necessary by a report this week, in order to keep food-related greenhouse gas emissions from rising. The report calls for regulation to change eating habits. As if Weightwatchers weren’t restrictive enough.
Xerox Unveils Erasable Paper
No, no. Not with an eraser, it’s a chemical thing! Within 24 hours the paper erases itself and can be used again. Shady CFOs line up in droves.

“Strategies for a Green Economy” Released, Discussed Smartly Joel Makower’s new book was released this week, and he discusses his focus on “the challenges of the green marketplace, especially the dysfunctional conversation taking place between companies and their employees, suppliers, customers, and regulators, as well with the media and Wall Street, or what’s left of it.” over on greenbiz.com. While I haven’t read it, he makes it sounds pretty cool. And it’s been 14 years since his last one, so he’s probably got a lot of good stuff saved up to say.
Finally, here at 3p we covered totally interesting topics like schemes to incentivize cycling, the fact that cutting emissions in CA will be good for the economy, and the miracle of the coconut.

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