Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

Six steps to green the board room 1. Stay home. (Kidding!) We all hate meeting overload, but when you must call the crew together, here are your 6 best bets for lowering your meeting’s impact.
hard%20hat.jpg 4.2M Green Jobs in U.S. by 2038 U.S. Conference of Mayors’ Mayors Climate Protection Center by Global Insights forecast that green job growth could account for as many as 10 percent of new jobs in the next 30 years. In these stark economic times, I’d settle for any job growth, but green is great!
solar-panel-1.jpgSolar Tax Credit Does the Trick: Solar Market Booms Despite Credit Crunch Go on- take the good news at face value. There’s no way these are apocalyptic buyers.

Norwegian_Korean_Standard_Link_Chain.jpgGreen That Supply Chain Greening your supply chain is a long and complicated process. This article makes the process a bit easier. Of course you could just buy local.

trash.jpgGarbage is a Rich Source of Energy Treehugger clues us in on all the ways to give trash a second life. Eco Geek has the skinny a new technology to do the same thing.

Computer.JPGToshiba Expands E-Waste Recycling Program Clear out those closets! Toshiba’s new free e-waste recycling program will accept many consumer electronics of any brand. Yes, Dell was onto this a few years ago, but welcome to the green revolution, Toshiba!
Parisian%20Waiter%201.jpgTed Turner’s Top Ten Ways to Green the Restaurant Industry Yes, I too wish it was Ted Turner’s top ten ways to tease a treehugger, but restaurants are probably more useful (especially with their water wasting ways!)
pope-new2.jpgWhat Would Jesus Do: Go Net Zero Carbon of Course! The Vatican makes history as first state to go carbon net zero with a huge solar panel array installed on the papal audience hall. The 2400 solar panel system cost a reported $1.5m. “Those who destroy the environment are also big sinners”, says Italian Cardinal Deacon Renato Raffaele Martino. “It’s a big insult to God.” All right Catholics. Now if we could just get somewhere on this abortion issue.

Frito Lay Sustainability Efforts Save $55 Million on Water and Energy One more reason to eat chips.

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